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Craft Brewery Dr. Jekyll’s Adds Flaxseed Oil, Gingko Leaves, and Other Superfoods to Beer

Craft Brewery Dr. Jekyll’s Adds Flaxseed Oil, Gingko Leaves, and Other Superfoods to Beer

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‘Truly odd, yet oddly delicious’ Dr. Jekyll’s now offers beer with essential oils, berries, and more superfoods

Do you look for flaxseed oil in your beer? You can start now.

If you consider yourself a beer aficionado, you probably don’t need any health-conscious reasons to drink it, but one brewery is offering just that.

Dr. Jekyll’s, a California-based craft brewery, has begun capitalizing on the growing interest in organic ingredients and so-called superfoods by adding them to their latest collection.

Each beer in the new collection has its own name and theme, and boasts a special “set of superfood ingredients, and donates to a specific charitable organization,” according to Beverage Daily. The beers contain between six and eight superfoods “designed to complement each other.”

Beer Brains, for example, is a nut brown ale with an ingredient list that includes walnut oil, ginko leaves, flaxseed oil, blueberries, pomegranate, and açai berry. A portion of proceeds from Beer Brains goes to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

While you’re welcome to reap whatever benefits these superfood-infused beers may offer, Dr. Jekyll founder Tom Costa admits that it’s not so much about public health as it is about pouncing on the right trend. The time is right, Costa thinks, to take advantage of the halo around superfoods.

“Ten years ago it would have been too soon,” Costa told Beverage Daily. “Now, the organic market, the craft beer market — they’re both high growth and we’ve combined that into a product.”

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