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Rocket, chickpea and parmesan salad

Rocket, chickpea and parmesan salad

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Recipe Rocket chickpea and parmesan salad of 11-11-2014 [Updated on 13-07-2016]

Hello friends a few weeks ago I gave you the recipe to prepare a winter salad with legumes, since you liked it, today I propose another, the rocket salad, chickpeas, parmesan and walnuts. I love the legumes in salads and then the nuts that make crock are always welcome;) If you have boiled chickpeas to use and you like the ingredients, try this salad and let me know. I greet you that it's almost time to go and pick up Elisa from school, we'll read you later;)


How to make the rocket, chickpea and parmesan salad

Drain the chickpeas and, if you used the ones in a jar, rinse them well, then put them in a bowl.

Rinse the rocket and put it in a salad bowl.

Add the chickpeas on top of the rocket.

Cut the parmesan into flakes or thin slices.

Coarsely chop the walnut kernels and add them to the salad, along with the parmesan.

Season with salt, oil and balsamic vinegar.

Finally, serve your beautiful rocket, chickpea and parmesan salad.

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