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Macaroni omelette with salami

Macaroni omelette with salami

Macaroni with salami omelette recipe of 22-04-2016 [Updated on 04-09-2018]

The macaroni omelette was born as a recipe for recycling but over the years it has become a real must for dinners and picnics. After having published the classic Neapolitan pasta omelette that is prepared at my home, today I propose a version redwith the addition of salami and provolino. This macaroni omelette is more in Ivano's strings, because it is similar to how my mother-in-law prepares it, and I must say that I, too, skeptical about adding tomato, liked it very much;) The recipe is also present in my book Misya 2 menus and it also has the video recipe included;) In fact, this morning I am writing to you from Milan, this month I am jumping like a ball around Italy, every week we have a new commitment that takes us away. On the one hand, all these trips are beautiful because you have the opportunity to have new experiences, to meet old friends, to indulge in those little vices that you don't do at home, but on the other hand they are very tiring because you move faster and with tight schedules and often last until Saturday. Okay now I let you start our Seothatwork! Good day to those who pass by here!


How to make macaroni with salami omelette

Cook the tomato puree with a drizzle of oil and salt for about ten minutes.

Cook the pasta and drain it al dente.

Put the pasta in a bowl, pour the sauce and mix.

Separately prepare a beaten egg and add the Parmesan, cheese and salami cut into cubes and a pinch of salt.

Pour everything into the bowl with the pasta.

Mix to make everything tie well.

Heat the oil in a pan, pour the pasta and cook for about ten minutes with a lid.

Turn the omelette with the help of a lid and cook on the other side as well.

Slide the omelette onto a plate and serve the macaroni salami omelette warm or even cold.

Here instead you will find the video recipe

Video: SALAMI PASTA RECIPE - Gregs Kitchen (October 2021).