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Raised milk (homemade yogurt)

Raised milk (homemade yogurt)

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The milk is boiled and allowed to cool, so that you keep your finger in it to feel it warm. If it is too hot, it increases and leaves a lot of whey.

Hot milk can be put directly into the earthen pot.

When it is cold enough, put the teaspoon of sour milk previously in a cup and gradually mix the warm milk. Also put the cream here, if you want it to come out creamy.

After everything is homogenized, pour it into the milk pot and mix the "covăseal" well with a whisk. Put a lid (a saucer), cover with a coat and leave warm for 3 hours in the kitchen. Then put it in the fridge so that it does not increase. It lasts a long time in the fridge. You can serve it as such, mixed with some fruit, jam or various foods. In the country it was eaten with hot or cold polenta, next to sarmale, possibly. The summer was very cool. In order to make us eat it, my mother made "geese", meaning she put it with a spoon, it was thicker homemade milk.

I use it in the summer for ice cream, mixing it with strawberries, etc. and honey or sugar. It is an easy and pleasant preparation.

I use it instead of cream for various doughs, cake type, fruit cakes, pies. It is not missing from the refrigerator. It can replace dessert. Anyway, it is better and cheaper than what you buy in the store. It is sold in the market here and it is a famous village (Daia Română) that prepares covasat and brings it to the townspeople. In summer it is also made from sheep's milk or buffalo (where else are they).

It goes with all kinds of sauces, see how it combines the Turks, the Arabs, etc.

43 Recipes for making homemade yogurt on the road

A few things combine so much with a breakfast that a yogurt, even more accompanied by granola or fruit, doesn't it?

But the truth is that buying yogurt for the whole family to consume daily can be very expensive! In addition, industrialized versions contain dyes, preservatives, among other ingredients that are not so legal for health. Making homemade yogurt in this way is the best option.

Although many people do not believe, making yogurt at home is not as difficult as it sounds. But, yes, it takes patience! But whoever does it, always guarantees: it's worth it!

In addition to being made without preservatives, you can use the ingredients you want, make versions of natural yogurts, Greek, frozen and even restrictive versions (eg lactose).

Get inspired by the recipes below and make your yogurt the way you like it! Natural Natural homemade yogurt

1. Simple homemade yogurt: an easy recipe, just have the patience to make. You will use only semi-skimmed milk and whole yogurt (firm consistency). The recipe produces about 10 servings of 95 calories.

2. Skim yogurt: a recipe that uses 0% fat skim milk, but for better consistency, you can add whole milk powder. Then use only skim milk, low-fat yogurt and whole milk powder.

3. Whole yogurt: a simple recipe, the difference is to boil the milk to the point of rising to the edge of the tray. Yogurt is a delight, with a firm and very creamy texture. And the best thing is that it has no preservatives.

4. Yogurt with powdered milk: the ideal yogurt recipe to be combined with a good granola! To do this, you will use only whole milk, natural yogurt (no flavor, nothing, purine!) And powdered milk.

5. Yogurt with plain yogurt and powdered milk: there are people who find it difficult to know what the right temperature to make yogurt, but this recipe has a clue. Practically only 400 ml of milk should be boiled. After raising the boil, you should turn off the heat and mix the rest of the milk (it should be at room temperature) plus a glass of natural yogurt (also at room temperature).

6. Yogurt with sour cream: good to know that it is not an easy recipe! But it's worth a try. It is the result of reducing a lot of thin milk into something wonderful, almost a pudding, almost a cheese.

7. Yogurt in thermos: the tip is to use a metal thermos. When it comes to buying yogurt, look for a tasteless and unheated supplement. Read the ingredient label and buy it with the fewest of them. Yogurt should be made mainly from whole milk (if reconstituted without problems) and milk yeast.

8. Hydrated rice yogurt: an excellent tip for a healthy diet. Oats after hydration, is molinha and a wonderful texture, great for regular bowel function, among other benefits.

9. Light for yogurt: a great option to start the day in a healthier way! To make this recipe, you will use only two liters of skim milk and a simple fat-free yogurt pot. Heavy Greek yogurt

10. Simple Greek yogurt: in addition to delicious, it is very easy to make. It only takes patience to wait to prepare. The yield is five cups of yogurt and you will use only milk and a simple yogurt pot.

11. Sugar-free Greek yogurt: The first step is to prepare a basic recipe for yogurt. Then it is necessary to remove some of the serum so that it becomes more consistent and creamy. You will need a fine bowl cleaner, a fine and clean cotton sieve and wiper.

12. Greek yogurt with vanilla essence: anyone who buys Greek yogurt in supermarkets knows that it doesn't matter too much. You can also have ingredients that are not healthy. The best option, then, is to make your own Greek yogurt in a very natural way and with the touch of flavor you like.

13. Greek Vanilla Yogurt Beans: A delicious, hearty and creamy yogurt, like the one found on sale in supermarkets (or even better). The method is the same as homemade yogurt, you can make as many liters as you want, just mixing a glass of yogurt with the desired amount of milk.

14. Greek yogurt cream: a homemade version that, in addition to being considered more, is made naturally and is very creamy. You will use only whole milk, whole natural yogurt (room temperature), sweetener or sugar and vanilla essence drops.

15. Greek yogurt with cream and condensed milk: the result is a sweet yogurt, but without exaggeration, much creamier than those bought ready and much cheaper. It's worth learning how to do!

16. Fake Greek yogurt: To make this delicacy, you will need fresh grated coconut, refined sugar, water, fresh ginger (shaved and squeezed), dried curd, natural yogurt without added sugar and honey.

17. Greek yogurt lactose: the recipe is a natural Greek yogurt, so you can make the flavor you want, you can put vanilla drops, strawberries can make, put pieces of peach or even cocoa and make chocolate flavor.

flavored homemade yogurts

18. Strawberry Yogurt with Syrup and Pieces: Aside from being a healthier and more economical option, making this strawberry yogurt is a great opportunity to have fun with the kids in the kitchen. Tip is for a tasty weekend!

19. Blackberry Yogurt: You will practically mix homemade yogurt, low in fat, with fresh blackberries. You can sweeten it with a little honey, brown sugar or demerara or sweetener. You can also use frozen blackberries to get more cold ice.

20. Coconut Yogurt: An incredible vegan version of Coconut Yogurt. It is creamy, light and sour, not to mention that it is rich in bacteria that help the intestinal flora. Healthy, it's a great choice for breakfast or afternoon snack. Accompanied by homemade granola, even better!

21. Lemon and coconut yogurt: a combination of amazing flavors. You need milk fat, yogurt, lemon flavor, grated coconut and sugar.

22. Yogurt with plum syrup: To make yogurt, you will use only whole milk, plain yogurt and powdered milk. Then add the plum syrup and strawberry jam. For a delicious snack!

23. lemon yogurt and cinnamon: a tasty variant of yogurt. You will use only skim milk, plain yogurt, powdered milk, lemon, cinnamon, sugar and apple snacks.

24. Coffee Yogurt: Whoever is a coffee fan will love this recipe. You will use only milk, plain yogurt, instant coffee and condensed milk. Good idea to serve the family for a special breakfast on the weekend!

25. Yogurt Restrictive homemade yogurt without lactose: in addition to being an extremely easy prescription it is really functional, because uses, including an envelope of probiotics, you can find in health food stores or pharmacies.

26. Soy yogurt: simple and easy to make, this yogurt is tasty, cheap and still have the advantage that you can prepare yourself in the desired flavor, using creativity (so the risk of preventing flavor fatigue is much lower).

27. Macadamia yogurt: a lactose-free vegetable recipe. Easy to make, you will only need macadamia, filtered water, lemon gum and xanthan (which gives the texture of yogurt, but is not essential).

28. Almond yogurt: A yogurt, vegan, delicious and with Greek yogurt cream. A simple recipe and you won't need yogurt for that.

29. Yam milk yogurt: a vegan and soy-free recipe. It is also gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free. The yogurt has a creamy texture and you can serve, for example, 100% mulberry fruit jelly.

30. Vegetarian tapioca strawberry yogurt: it is very tasty and like the original strawberry yogurt. You will use homemade coconut milk (or other vegetable option), strawberries, tapioca gum, lemon, sugar and a pinch of salt.

31. Strawberry vegan yogurt with tofu: it is a nutritious "danoninho", without dyes and preservatives. A good choice to be served for breakfast or a snack before bed! Even children will love!

32. Lactose-free coconut yogurt: a non-lactose, vegan recipe in which you will use only coconut milk, agar-agar, sweetener and lemon. A simple and good recipe!

33. Frozen natural yogurt: a delicious option especially for hot days. You can make this version natural or add some flavor to your choice, including fruit. On top, the top is put a little ginger sugar.

34. Frozen yogurt with natural lemon peel: This recipe makes about four servings. You will use only plain yogurt, sugar, sour cream and lemon peel. The trick is to consume even pure, because it is very tasty, or syrup.

35. Frozen peach yogurt: a healthy, refreshing dessert with a natural fruit flavor. A great alternative to replacing traditional ice cream, which are full of ingredients harmful to health. All you need is natural Greek yogurt, peaches, lemon and honey.

36. Frozen strawberry yogurt: great substitute for ice cream, both in terms of flavor and texture. All you need is plain yogurt, fresh cream, strawberries and sugar.

37. Frozen Raspberry Yogurt: The recipe for a perfect afternoon snack or a healthy dessert on the weekend. The detail is that you can use your own fruits.

38. Frozen papaya yogurt: A frozen, refreshing and light revenue levinha. You will use practically full yogurt, papaya, whole milk, lemon juice, sugar or sweetener.

39. Frozen mango yogurt and bananas: A supernatural recipe and very easy to make. Just use yogurt and fruit with a pronounced taste. So easy to make that you will always want to get ready!

40. Frozen yogurt with black fruit: for a refreshing and tasty dessert. You need blackberries, of course organic sugar blueberries, filtered water, fresh cream, eggs and completely natural organic yogurt.

41. Frozen strawberry yogurt and rose water: good order for hot days, because it is very refreshing. You will need strawberries, crystal sugar, lemon, rose water, ripe (firm type) and yogurt (farm).

42. Frozen yogurt Peruvian maca: income yield is three servings and you will use only cream, maca, natural yogurt and, of course, organic sugar.

43. Frozen lemon yogurt: Basically to prepare and you can still replace the ingredients and make it in a lighter version. It can be eaten in its pure state or accompanied by a good jelly!

In natural or flavored versions, healthy or highly stylized, homemade yogurt is always a great choice for a special breakfast or afternoon snack. In addition to having the advantage of being made with ingredients you like, without preservatives and makes it much more affordable!

Coarse milk (homemade yogurt) - Recipes

I consume at least 4 yogurts a week, I tried different brands, but for some time I can't find that taste of real, pure yogurt with a sour taste. If you read the labels, you're terrified of milk protein extracts, powdered milk, pasteurized, sour cream, sugar, flavors and other craziness, given that yogurt means milk, some live cultures of bacteria and so on. Ever since the China Study proposed a click in my mind, and I ask myself a few questions before eating dairy products, but I still can't give up. I rarely drink milk, but yogurt is still a basic snack. At least to go on a natural version, I told myself, and here I am with 2 liters of country milk, prepared for the alchemy of homemade yogurt.

The ingredients are simple & to two liters of unpasteurized milk add a jar of 100-150 grams of yogurt as natural as possible (without sugar, fruit and other additives).

The milk is boiled and left to cool (what a pleasure to break the fat crust, as in childhood), and when it is still a little warm, take a polish, mix it with the yogurt so that no lumps form, and the resulting paste is integrates into warm milk and mixes well. Transfer to a clay pot with a lid, which is left for 24 hours near a heat source (for example near a radiator).

At this point you will find in the pot a sour paste, which has little to do with that creamy consistency of the yogurt, so you will move on to the next step. Cover a strainer with a clean gauze, and pour the contents of the pot over the gauze. Drain the whey for at least 5-6 hours, or until the yogurt has the desired consistency. It is good to check the consistency of the yogurt from time to time, because until it remains only the cream is one step.

The result is a very natural, unforced, naturally fermented yogurt, perfect to be served for breakfast with homemade fruit muesli.

12 Homemade Strawberry Yogurt Recipes with Recipes

Play on the street, jump rope, play catch or hide and seek. There are many childhood memories, and for most people, among them is the famous Danoninho! After all, who has never tasted the small dish of danona (very tasty!) Very slowly, enjoying every little spoon and hoping it will never end!

However, leaving aside a little flavor question, you should know that, like many other industrial products, the famous strawberry yogurt offers a lot of ingredient that is not legal for health, for example, dyes and preservatives. Ingredients, by chance, that most people (who do not work in food or health) do not even know what it is!

All this without mentioning the price: after all, Danones are generally expensive to buy in large quantities.

Homemade danoninho recipes are therefore a great option, both in terms of economy and in terms of the possibility of making healthier versions. In addition, they are easy and please adults and children! It pays to learn and make your favorite version at home!

1. Simple homemade danoninho: easy recipe. You will need cream, natural yogurt and Tang strawberries. You can leave the ingredients (cream and yogurt) cooled before starting the recipe.

2. Strawberry yogurt with powdered milk: it is a powdered milk foam without condensed milk, easy to make, ideal for those days when lazy hit to make a more elaborate dessert.

3. Strawberry yogurt with condensed milk: a delicious dessert, the kind that makes you "lick the pot," not a bit left! You will use natural skim yogurt, condensed milk, cream and a packet of strawberry-flavored juice (Clight type).

4. Danoninho de yam: ideal for serving children, but will also leave a lot of adults willing! You will only use candy and strawberries. Easy, delicious and healthy recipe. Learn well!

5. Tofu Danoninho: I don't know what to eat in the morning? Do you want a light snack to eat before bed? You want to stimulate your child's snack with a vegan nutritional option! This is a great option! It is a fed danoninho, without dyes and preservatives.

6. Strawberry yogurt with ricotta and strawberry jelly: To make this recipe that delights children and adults, you will need strawberries, sugar, lemon, fresh urda and cold milk, cold cream and strawberry essence.

7. Homemade Danube with chocolate coating: who said that what is already delicious can't be better? This homemade danoninho is made with sour cream, condensed milk, whole yogurt, strawberry jam, and becomes a topping made with sour cream and chocolate.

8. Danoninho nutritivo: a great option to get rid of industrialized danoninho. This homemade version can be offered to children from the age of 12 months and is easy to prepare. Deserve!

9. Danoninho vegano: a healthy, milk-free alternative for babies! You will use strawberries, drained firm tofu, ripe bananas, coconut milk, lime, Demerara sugar and strawberry essence drops (optional).

10. Danoninho fit: easy to make and delicious, and count on a few calories. The taste is very similar to the original Danoninho, but with the advantage of being much healthier. Do it whenever you feel like you ate something sweet!

11. Homemade Strawberry Yogurt Parfait: You will use Oreo strawberry flavor, sour cream, low fat yogurt, strawberry juice powder flavor, condensed milk and jars to assemble candy! An easy, beautiful and delicious dessert!

12. Danoninho ice cream: impossible impossible recipe! You will use only cream, condensed milk, plain yogurt and strawberry juice powder. Just mix everything and then take it to the freezer.

Do you want a more economical or even healthy danoninho? Making it at home is the best option! Get inspired by the recipes and do what you like best, to serve the whole family!

Yogurt pancakes and milk cream, water, with the addition of semolina - recipes with photos and cooking video

Thin pancakes - a dish that perfectly complements any meal, will be an original breakfast or dessert, as well as treats for children. Traditionally, they are prepared in combination with nutritious or sweet fillings. If we stick to a diet or if you do not have time for the long kneading process, use the recipe for pancake cream on kefir. Unusual ideas can be realized during the preparation.

Potato soup with dumplings

This is a recipe for those who are looking for what to cook milk on top.

  • 12 liters of milk.
  • 600 ml of water.
  • 1 or.
  • 2 tablespoons. l. flour.
  • 30 g of butter.
  • 10 potatoes.
  • 1 h Sare L ..
  • First, you need to prepare dumplings. Potatoes rub on a small grater, squeeze through gauze. Drain the juice in a separate bowl and leave to settle. Then pour liquid starch and mix with mashed potatoes.
  • Add flour, salt, egg, mix well.
  • From the resulting round dumplings sformuyte in mass.
  • The milk is mixed with water and brought to a boil.
  • Drop in milk dumplings and more heat. If the liquid boils over, the heat is reduced to a gentle boil. Continue to cook for 15 minutes.
  • Ambassador soup, season with butter and serve.

How to make homemade cheese?

This homemade cheese recipe It dates back to the communist crisis. You couldn't find anything in the shops and you had to prepare everything at home. Everything was streamlined and the cheese was on the delicacy list. We supply ourselves with milk and cow's cheese from the market (or directly from the peasants, from the households around Arad) and we prepare this house cheese.

The yield of the recipe is quite low: 400 g of cheese come out of the quantities below, but & # 8230. we had a craving and we did it from time to time. In addition, nowadays, when everything is full of preservatives and additives, this homemade cheese recipe is rediscovered by many families. Homemade cheese is very good for cold plates and sandwiches.

Observation: to get a house cheese good and fatty it is indicated to have homemade milk and fresh cow's cheese all homemade & # 8211 bought from the market, from local producers.

Natural cottage cheese (sweet cheese) can be made at home, as it used to be recipe here.

Yogurt-based "lies"!

Method of preparation:
1. Create the dough soft, it should not stick to your hands. Cover it and let it rise for 20 minutes.

2. Sprinkle the table with flour, spread the dough in a layer no thinner than 1 cm (of course if you want them thin then make the layer thinner). The dough sheet should be square or rectangular.

3.Cut the dough sheet into small rectangles or squares. In the middle of the rectangle make a cut with the knife and pass through it half a rectangle.

4. Fry them on both sides in sunflower oil. Oil should be more, if necessary add more while frying.

5. When you take them out of the oil, sprinkle them with powdered sugar or cinnamon, make them to your liking. Create the soft dough, it should not stick to your hands. Cover it and let it rise for 20 minutes.

6. Sprinkle the table with flour, spread the dough in a layer no thinner than 1 cm (of course if you want them thin then make the layer thinner). The dough sheet should be square or rectangular.

7.Cut the dough sheet into small rectangles or squares. In the middle of the rectangle make a cut with the knife and pass through it half a rectangle.

8. Fry them on both sides in sunflower oil. Oil should be more, if necessary add more while frying.

9. When you take them out of the oil, sprinkle them with powdered sugar or cinnamon, make them to your liking.

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