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Kid-Friendly Summer Recipes That are Good for Them

Kid-Friendly Summer Recipes That are Good for Them

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It's the season for fresh produce, what will you be feeding your little ones?

Delicious and nutritious is possible with these tasty treats.

There is no doubt that kids live for summer. Pool parties, summer camp, and endless days in the park are all on the horizon. However, so are the days spent inside whining about how bored or hungry they are.

Click here to see 11 Nutritious, Kid-Friendly Finger Foods.

And as much as you love your kids, there is nothing worse than dealing with a kid who is sulking in a pool of their own bored tears. Kill two birds with one stone and have them help you out in the kitchen for a tasty snack they’ll totally love to make and eat this summer. Here are a few simple ideas:

Mango Tango Tortillas

Slice this mango provolone quesadilla up into strips about one-inch wide and serve with a side of strawberries. It will dance right across your kid's taste buds.

Frozen Grape and Banana Skewers with Chocolate Drizzle

It doesn't get any easier (or more fun) than these fruity, chocolaty frozen treats on a stick. They're great as an after-school snack for the kids, or anytime you've got a large group of people to feed. Make sure to use firm-ripe bananas for this recipe.

Grape and Ricotta Pita Pizza

"Pizza" doesn't get any easier than this. Using whole-wheat pita bread as the base cuts down on prep work and also gives a nutritional boost to this dish over pizza made with processed white flour. Ricotta, sweet grapes, and honey lend a savory-sweet contrast to each bite.

Grape, Cheddar, and Jicama Skewers with Cilantro-Lime Dipping Sauce

Here's a delicious, fun-to-make snack that's a great way to involve the kids in the kitchen. The best part is there's no actual cooking involved, so it's great for those sweltering summer days when turning on the stove seems like the last thing anyone would want to do.

Quick Kid-Friendly Dinner Recipes the Entire Family Will Love

The definition of "kid-friendly" certainly varies from child to child, but there are a few common threads you'll find among recipes that appeal to families. First, they're easy for parents to throw together, and, in some cases, for kids to help out with preparing. They often draw on familiar ingredients&mdashlike pasta&mdashand favor simple preparations in favor of complex sauces or lots of spices. And they're usually customizable with elements that can easily be left out or swapped in, whether it's omitting the fresh basil garnish or using familiar American cheese in lieu of sharper Gruyère.

The recipes in this collection feature something for everyone: They're accessible for finicky eaters, but hardly boring or bland. Yes, there's pasta (spaghetti with a speedy tomato sauce, penne with broccoli, gnocchi with peas, and a no-fail mac 'n' cheese)&mdashbut there's also lots more, including dishes from some tried and true, kid-friendly cuisines, such as Mexican and Chinese.

The breaded chicken cutlets shown here are a fantastic example of how tasty kid-friendly food can be: They're crispy, crunchy, savory, and wonderfully filling. You start by pulsing oats in a food processor until finely ground, then add umami-rich Grana Padano cheese, parsley, salt, and pepper. This becomes the breading for chicken tenders, which you fry in a skillet. Cut them into strips for little fingers to pick up, or leave them whole for older diners to cut on their own. They're delicious with a squeeze a lemon, a squirt of ketchup, or whatever else your family's heart desires.

Most importantly, child-friendly dinners don't have to be dull or unhealthy. Here, a collection of ideas that will appeal to family members both young and old.

Your family will go crazy for the incredibly savory ground beef filling and buttery mashed potato topping. If you’re not used to preparing it yourself it can feel like a lot of work but this recipe proves it’s actually quite easy! Further, this recipe provides instructions on how to prepare it ahead of time and how to freeze it for later too.

Muffin tin recipes are a great idea because your kids will love these easy to bite “muffins” and you can make extra batches to save you time for future dinners. Simply freeze your extras and take out as you need for lunches or for dinner in a pinch!

How to Make Homemade Magic Shell

Learn how to make Homemade Magic Shell. Hint: it&rsquos super easy only requires 2 ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. This homemade magic shell is a fun addition to any ice cream dessert night, plus it can be used as dipping chocolate. The kids have had tons of fun lately with homemade &hellip

The best spiralized recipes for zucchini

I tried the find the cheesiest, most kid friendly recipes for some healthy dinner ideas, and I was so excited by what I found! I can’t wait to start cooking them all.

    These cheese little meatballs! Mac and cheese, but without the wheat noodles Delicious and crispy french fries made with zucchini So simple, top pizza with zucchini noodles! A typical taco dish and flavors, but with zoodles. It’s lasagna! What kid wouldn’t love this? A cheesy casserole kids are going to love I found lots of recipes for creamy avocado pesto, because it’s really that good. (healthy fats are a must!) Tomatoes are the perfect summer pairing We already love stir-fry, so this one just makes sense! A little parmesan and garlic really brings out the flavors here Chicken noodle soup for those stormy nights! /li> A spinach pesto by one of our favorite dietitians Since my kids love ramen, I wanted this one in our round up! Mmm. The sun dried tomatoes and coconut milk go so well with these noodles. Adding eggs to these nests are so cute, and delicious. This one is your typical spaghetti, but with zucchini noodles If your family loves pad thai, give this one a try. A breakfast option with sausage for protein. A little lemon and chicken for this one. Simple and perfect, butter with parmesan. This was the first thing I tried to make when I first bought the cheap spiralizer. I’ve learned a lot since making this one, but it’s still one of my favorites!

And that’s my list! I’d love to hear the kid-friendly ways you use the spiralizer in the comments below! Save this list and use all summer!

While zucchini noodles are quick, I also have my list of 30 quick and easy, last minute dinner ideas! These ideas will last you all month long!

15 Easy Healthy Summer Lunches for Families

1. Black Bean Turkey Salad

Black Bean Turkey Salad is a nourishing, high-protein lunch bowl you can prep ahead and eat for days! Black beans, brown rice, colorful veggies, and convenient deli turkey are tossed in a quick homemade vinaigrette.

2. Pita Pizza with Veggies

Easy and fun pita pizzas make a perfect quick-cooking summer lunch! Choose whole grain pita bread and have your kids top their own.

3. Mini Rainbow Sandwiches

These cute mini sandwiches are packed with vitamins and fun for little ones to eat! Get those raw and refreshing crunchy veggies into their meal tucked inside soft whole grain bread.

4. Strawberry Pecan Chicken Salad in Avocado Bowls

Add a fun and nutritious twist to chicken salad by serving it in avocado bowls! The bowls add potassium, fiber and flavor to the meal.

5. Perfect Kid Salad

All year long you can create easy salads that all kids will love. For summer, add baby tomatoes, lettuce, berries and cucumbers to create a lunch that is fresh and full of summer flavors.

6. Healthy Grilled Cheese Wafflewich

Fast and fun grilled cheese, cooked fast in your waffle maker! There’s even spinach tucked inside these fun sandwiches, and wouldn’t fresh basil be a fun summery addition?

7. Kid-Friendly Pasta Salad

Simple, cool pasta salads made with whole wheat noodles and fresh veggies make a perfect summer lunch for kids and grownups alike!

8. Mexican Pinwheels

These little pinwheels are flavorful, packed with protein and veggies and super fast to whip up! Perfect to pack up and take to the park on a summer day!

9. Cobb Salad with Avocado

A hearty and refreshing Cobb salad packed with protein, fresh veggies, and flavor! Share your “Mom Lunch” with your kids!

10. Veggie Lunch Wrap for Kids

Simple cream cheese and fresh veggies are rolled up in this no-cook wrap that works great for a backyard picnic!

11. Grilled Peanut Butter and Apple Sandwich

Here’s a new take on classic PB sandwich! Lightly grill whole grain bread with a nut butter spread, cinnamon, and fresh fruit. It’s a boost of plant-powered protein!

12. Turkey Ranch Wrap

These no-cook wraps feature protein-rich turkey (use leftover cooked chicken if you like!) shredded cheese, and crunchy salad veggies with a splash of kid-friendly ranch dressing.

13. Salad Jars

Use fresh produce from your garden to fresh salad for lunch. We love that you can prep these ahead of time, and then have a yummy salad ready whenever you want to eat lunch. And these are super portable – great for a picnic lunch!

14. Sweet Potato Quesadillas with Black Beans

You can’t go wrong with quesadillas! These meatless quesadillas feature beans and two veggies and are ready to eat after just a few minutes in a skillet.

15. Quinoa Stuffed Mini Bell Nachos

Who doesn’t love nachos? These nachos are a fun and healthy twist on the classic with mini bell peppers and quinoa.

Maca Gingersnap No-Bake Treats

Kids need their superfoods too — and that's why they'll love making these ginger-y, no-bake treats with maca! Via

Even the pickiest of eaters will love these classic meatballs.

There is nothing we like better than a big bowl of hearty chili. You’ll never miss the beans with this “stick to your ribs” recipe that blends grass-fed ground beef and sausage.

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13 Veggie-Packed Pasta Recipes Your Kids Will Actually Eat

When it comes to kid-friendly dinner recipes, pasta is a natural choice. It’s crowd-pleasing, easy (more of a parent benefit than a kid one) and can be served a zillion different ways. But there are only so many times a grown-up can eat spaghetti and meatballs before they start to crave something a little more vegetable-centric.

Sneaking veggies into your kid’s food can be tricky, but the combination of pasta and cheese is usually a good canvas in which to disguise things like broccoli, green beans, peas and carrots. The recipes below have at least a serving of vegetables per serving of pasta but aren’t adult or elevated dishes. In other words, your kids will actually eat them. Choose one of these 13 recipes to make for dinner tonight &mdash if your kids eat it up (literally), add it to your rotation and maybe try another next time.

Creamy ham & broccoli shells with cheese

These savory, cheesy ham and broccoli shells are simple and filling, with just enough veggies.

Fresh vegetable lasagna

Zucchini may be a tough sell, but when it’s all chopped up and mixed into this cheesy vegetable lasagna, you’ve got a shot.

Penne bake with tomatoes & spinach

There’s a deceptive amount of spinach tucked away in this penne bake.

Easy cheesy broccoli pasta bake

This cheesy broccoli pasta casserole tastes just as good reheated the next day.

Spring pea pasta with burrata

This pea pasta is gorgeous but still neutral enough for kids.

Baked ravioli with asparagus & cheese

A great way to motivate some vegetable consumption? Baked ravioli with plenty of cream sauce.

One-pot pea & corn pasta

This simple pea and corn pasta is as easy as it is delicious.

Creamy carrot & tomato pasta

Blending carrots into this tomato sauce is a great way to sneak in some extra veggies.

Roasted vegetable stuffed shells

The roasted vegetables are almost undetectable in these warm, cheesy stuffed shells.

Easy cheesy sausage & green bean skillet pasta

Sausage is the major flavor in this green bean skillet pasta.

Slow-cooker hidden vegetable pasta

Blend this hidden vegetable pasta sauce after cooking, and no one will guess there’s eggplant in there.

Creamy tomato-spinach pasta

This simple tomato-spinach pasta is beyond easy to make and will please a crowd.

Creamy butternut squash Alfredo

Just like regular Alfredo, but this creamy butternut pasta has some sweet squash blended in.