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SmartPlate Is the World’s First Bluetooth-Activated Plate That Can Weigh and Identify Your Food

SmartPlate Is the World’s First Bluetooth-Activated Plate That Can Weigh and Identify Your Food

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SmartPlate is the gadget that allows you to track your calories and keep your diet on target

Now you really don’t have an excuse for eating unhealthy dinners.

A plate that costs $199? It’d better be fine china. SmartPlate allows you to instantly track and analyze everything you eat. The plate doubles as a digital scale so you can figure just how many calories that homemade burger was (or how many grams of protein, or sodium, or fat…).

It’s not a reality right now, but SmartPlate could be possible in the near future. The gadget has already raised almost $20,000 on Kickstarter, and inventors plan to release it to the world by June 2016.

"As we continue to grow, the SmartPlate will get smarter as we also leverage consumer input,” Anthony Ortiz, founder and CEO of Fitly, the company behind the plate, told CNBC. “As far as the limitations are concerned, the SmartPlate itself is not microwaveable. However we do have a portable microwaveable lid that will be utilized to heat up the food.”

The plate also connects to your smartphone (of course), where you can track exactly what you eat and enter it into a digital diet journal. Welcome to the future of getting fit.

Watch the video: Tomorrows World - Week 9 - SmartPlate (July 2022).


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