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Shrimp pellets with milk core and smoked salmon

Shrimp pellets with milk core and smoked salmon

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A super delicious and quick snack for unannounced guests!

  • shrimp pellets 1 box,
  • sunflower oil,
  • milk kernel,
  • smoked salmon,
  • butter.

Servings: 12

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Shrimp pellets with milk core and smoked salmon:

Shrimp pellets (in Ceașcă's time, they were very familiar!) Are fried in hot oil. Remove on an absorbent napkin, then place on a serving platter. Put a round of milk kernel, a piece of smoked salmon and a butter leaf on each pellet!

Good appetite!

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A salad with black beans ft. full and rich in protein. We used dried black beans, but you can also replace them with 2 cans of canned beans.

Watermelon will be cut in half lengthwise, they are removed seeds with a spoon, then each half is cut into thin slices and cleaned by shell.

Melon slices, will be sprinkled with the juice of Lemon, put on a PLATEAU and cooled in refrigerator until use.

a vessel, we slices of smoked salmon, over which we poured sparkling wine, marinated for approx 10-15 minutes.

Before serving with 20 minutes, melon slices will sit on a white plate, over which it sits slices of smoked salmon drained well of marinade.

With parsley leaves fresh and lemon slices decorate the plate, and each slice of watermelon will be served individually on white plates.

Fishery diet - benefits, risks and menu ideas for a week

Fishery diet it is noted for the consumption of vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood. Its peculiarity is the elimination of meat consumption, except for different types of fish or seafood. In essence, a pescatarian choose to follow the principles of a vegetarian diet, without excluding the sources of essential fatty acids that come from fish. Fishery diet it is largely based on the consumption of seeds, nuts, eggs and dairy products.

What a fisherman eats: beans, tofu, hummus, flax seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, hazelnuts, peanut butter, yogurt, milk, cheese, whole grains and wholemeal bread, eggs, different types of fish, shellfish, mollusks and seafood.

What a fisherman does not eat: beef, chicken, pork, lamb, turkey and wild game.

The change from a regular to a fishery diet results increasing the intake of micronutrients, drastically. Fishermen extract more vitamins A, B2, C and E from the food they eat, but also more nutrients, such as folic acid, phosphorus, carotene, fiber and calcium, compared to those who do not refuse meat. However, a fishing regime it is much easier to follow, as opposed to the strict rules of the vegetarian diet. The menu options are more flexible, so you can enjoy ingenious meals, which you will most certainly not get bored.

As you probably know, fish is the best solution to increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acids in the body. Walnuts and flax seeds are another source of omega-3 you can trust. This type of essential fatty acid supports the proper development of the brain and prevents cognitive decline as we age. In addition, consumption of 200-500 mg of omega-3 per day reduces the risk of heart attack and other fatal heart disease.

Seafood comes bundled with other important nutrients, in addition to omega-3 fatty acids. For example, seashells are high in vitamin B12, zinc and selenium. Mussels are rich in all B vitamins, including vitamin B12, selenium and manganese. These nutrients support the regularization of the heartbeat, lower the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body, reduce blood pressure and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Fisheries diet - risks to consider

We cannot deny that fish is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, but the excess can have health repercussions, mainly due to exposure to mercury and other toxins. Fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon, halibut and perch contain lower levels of toxins, which can build up in your body over time if you eat them too often.

For example, excessive exposure to these toxins increases the risk of cancer, diabetes and thyroid disease. In pregnant women, excessive amounts of toxins in fatty fish can lead to low birth weight or developmental delays. For this reason, it is good to limit the consumption of fish in this category to 2-3 servings per week.

Excessive mercury exposure affects the nervous system and developmental delays in children who have been exposed to mercury while in the womb. Sources of fish with a low mercury content are: sardines, herring and tilapia, which you can eat without worries. Sources of fish with a high mercury content are: bluefin tuna, sea perch, yellowfin tuna.

Before switching to a fish diet, it is good to consider both the health benefits and the risks. This will help you optimize your daily meals so that you avoid falling into an unfavorable extreme.

If you are thinking of trying the diet fisherman You may soon be inspired by the following example menu for a week:

Breakfast: Wholemeal toast with avocado slices and sautéed mushrooms.

Lunch: grilled mackerel and green salad with egg. Grill the mackerel, prepare 2-3 eggs, and then, in a large bowl, put the lettuce leaves, baby spinach, arugula, pumpkin seeds, pieces of mackerel and the eggs. A delicious salad will come out, with proteins and vitamins that will ensure you an optimal dose of energy throughout the day.

Dinner: Cucumber rolls, filled with hummus and carrots. Cut thicker slices of cucumber, the core of which you will dig out from the inside and which you will fill with hummus and carrots. The fresh and mild taste of cucumber can be combined with multiple vegetables and foods - guacamole, smoked fish, etc.

Breakfast: grilled fresh sardines, placed on slices of wholemeal toast and assorted with parsley leaves + pieces of carrots. It is prepared in less than 10 minutes and ensures the optimal intake of omega-3 fatty acids from the first hours of the day.

Lunch: a salad with chickpeas, pumpkin seeds and shrimp.

Dinner: vegetable cream soup.

Breakfast: Smoked salmon burger, a layer of low-fat yogurt and arugula.

Lunch: shrimp in curry sauce with coconut milk. In a larger skillet, heat a little oil, then add onions, ginger, garlic and hot peppers until softened. Then the spices and a diced potato. Chew for 1 minute, then pour the coconut milk and a few cherry tomatoes cut in half. After 10 minutes, add spinach and shrimp, mix, and leave on the fire for about 3-4 minutes. At the end, add salt, pepper and a few coriander leaves for extra flavor.

Dinner: pasta with tuna and pesto, to which add green parsley, lemon juice and olive oil.

Breakfast: muffins with egg and smoked salmon. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Put a pan with a drop of vegetable oil on the stove over medium heat. Add onions, chopped mushrooms, garlic and cook together for 5 minutes, stirring often. Set the pan aside to cool. In a large bowl, beat 6 eggs, add finely chopped smoked salmon, spinach, salt and pepper. Turn the contents of the pan over. Stir until the composition is smooth. Then put it in the muffin tin and bake for 15 minutes.

Lunch: vegetable salad with tofu. You can opt for celery, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach or any other vegetable you have at hand.

Dinner: rice with seafood and vegetables. In a frying pan, fry the onion and pepper, to which you add 3 cups of vegetable soup. In another pan with hot oil, put a few cloves of garlic and then the seafood, which is left for 2-3 minutes, enough to soften and get a flavor. Put the rice and vegetables in a large plate, and place the seafood on top.

Breakfast: blueberry and lemon muffins.

Lunch: smoked salmon in potato peel. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius. Grease the potatoes with olive oil and sprinkle a little salt on them. Put them in the baking tray and leave them for 60-70 minutes. After that, cut them in half lengthwise and leave them to cool. With a teaspoon, remove the core from the inside, leaving only 2-3 cm on the edge. Fill them with fresh cream and then place a few pieces of smoked salmon on top. Sprinkle a little dill, black pepper and lemon juice.

Dinner: tomatoes stuffed with grilled vegetables and couscous. Cut the tomatoes in half, remove the core, and fill them with a mixture of couscous, radish, garlic, feta, celery, red onion, olives, lemon juice and black pepper. Put them in the oven heated to 180 degrees Celsius for 10-15 minutes, until the tomatoes are lightly browned.

Breakfast: a salad of tagliatelle with spinach and shrimp. Brown the shrimp in vegetable oil for 2-3 minutes, then combine them with spinach leaves in a delicious salad with a lemon dressing.

Lunch: peppers stuffed with wild rice. You can opt for a mixture of wild rice, mushrooms, tomatoes and your favorite cheese.

Dinner: shells with wine. Heat oil in a large skillet. Finely chop the onion and fry it with the garlic. Add the shells, wine, a little pepper and leave them on the fire for about 15 minutes, until they all open. Add the parsley, mix, leave them on the heat for a while, and then place the table.

Breakfast: a zucchini and shrimp salad. Cut the zucchini into thin vertical strips, place them in a large bowl, and then, in a large skillet, heat butter, garlic, hot peppers and shrimp. Mix everything and leave on the fire for 2-3 minutes to brown the shrimp. Finally, put the shrimp mixture over the pumpkin, add lemon juice, parsley, salt, pepper and Parmesan.

Unusual combinations of summer meze

Meze is a way to eat throughout the Mediterranean basin. The table is filled with all sorts of plates full of appetizers that customers share and that differ somewhat from Spanish tapas with french fries with sauces, to Greek meze with caviar or Lebanese with hummus.

There is no rule or a recommended selection of appetizers for a meze type meal, but it is at the free imagination of every chef. I want to give you some more creative examples, which you can add next to your ideas or dishes for which you have already become famous in your group of friends.

Lettuce hearts

It is the middle of the lettuce, that part of the salad that is lighter in color and much more compact. Cut in half and sprinkle with olive oil and lemon juice. It is a very cool way to taste among other heavier ones.

Grilled sardines

Fresh sardines, grilled and then sprinkled with olive oil and lemon juice. In addition to sardines, you can also use other small fish, such as anchovies.

Artichoke core

although this flower is not widely used in Romania, artichokes are excellent. Fresh, slightly scalded and wrapped in a dressing of olive oil, with lemon juice and salt. That's it. That's what the masses are about. Simple and tasty dishes.

Colored cherry tomatoes

Cut cherry tomatoes of all colors in half and mix with walnut kernels, chives and smoked trout. Everything is connected with a little lemon juice.

It's my favorite, even if it's a classic. The secret of a good tzatziki is for the yogurt to be as fat as possible, as drained as possible from the whey. Ideally, leave the yogurt in a gauze drained in the refrigerator for at least a few hours before preparing it.

To stay in the Greek area, grilled halloumi cheese is ideal for such a meal.

Eggplant salad

Either you make it like you do, or you make it according to my recipe, with chopped coriander, olive oil, a little lemon juice and pine buds sprinkled on top, it is an ideal meze.

And from a meze can not miss the olives, green or kalamata or mixed. If you want to give them a special note, then mix them with heated olive oil, lemon juice and a little crushed fennel seeds and let cool before serving.

Mango chutney

Cut the fresh mango into cubes and fry with, chopped onion, olive oil, salt and chopped hot pepper. It goes well with toast.

Yes, exactly, or boiled. Boil softly so that the yolk is still quite soft. Sprinkle salt, pepper and chopped green onions over it.

Chicken leg stew

We don't want heavy food for a summer meal, but we also have some meat. So I thought of this quick recipe with boneless chicken legs cut into small pieces and pan-fried with chopped onion, olive oil, salt, pepper, ground cumin, flavors that lead to the Mediterranean area. And on top we can squeeze a little lemon juice.

Greek cabbage rolls

There are those meatballs, without meat, that you can find in all Greek restaurants and that can be served cold. They are even better cold!

Fettuccine Alfredo with shrimp

Seafood pasta recipes are some of the simplest and tastiest you can prepare. They are delicious, healthy and have the advantage that they are made quickly and easily. Seafood does not require a long cooking time, so in half an hour you can have a delicious dinner or an honorable meal.

Today we offer you a pasta recipe with shrimp and white sauce, fine, creamy and easy to make. You can use any kind of pasta you like, but long ones are indicated, such as spaghetti, tagliatelle or fettuccine.

  • 400 g pasta (fettuccine or tagliatelle)
  • 3 teaspoons butter
  • 400 g cleaned shrimp
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 teaspoons flour
  • 150 ml liquid cream
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 egg yolk
  • parmesan race
  • parsley for decoration

Put a pot of water and salt to a boil and, when it boils, add the pasta and boil it according to the instructions on the package.

Put 2 teaspoons of butter in a pan on the fire and, when it has melted, add the finely chopped garlic and shrimp. Season with salt and pepper and fry the shrimp until pink, about 2-3 minutes on each side.

Remove the shrimp from the pan, add the remaining butter, flour and mix. When the mixture has thickened, add the milk and liquid cream, then the yolk. When the mixture boils slightly, add the grated Parmesan cheese, stirring constantly.

When the sauce becomes thick and the parmesan has melted, put the shrimp back in the bowl and the pasta drained of water. Mix well and leave on the fire for another minute for the flavors to combine. Keep a cup of the water in which the pasta was boiled, in case you need to dilute the sauce.


Who likes Rafaello candy? If you like it, then with.

Cheese paste with garlic

I recommend this healthy and light food, suitable for days.

Meatballs with onion and tomato sauce

Ingredients meatballs with onion and tomato sauce 500 g.

Summer salad with chicken, quail eggs and sauce.

I called it & # 8222Summer Salad & # 8221, because it's kind of.

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If you haven't tried fennel, also called sweet anise, this salad is a good way to start.

Pickled eggs in beets

Don't know what to do with the boiled eggs left over from Easter? Pickled eggs are the fastest and.

Shrimp pellets with milk core and smoked salmon - Recipes

68 protein foods:

    • types of meat - chop, beef tenderloin, roast beef, tongue, dried beef (Grisons), escalope, ribs, beef liver and kidneys, as well as pork ham, lean lean pork, rabbit.
    • fish - cod, hake, sea bream, pawn fish, swordfish, smoked halibut, smoked cod, pollak, flounder, anglerfish, wolffish, mackerel, whiting, plaice, turbot, ocean, sardines, salmon, smoked salmon , sea-tongue, surimi, tuna, tuna in its own juice, sea cat.
    • seafood - sea snail, squid, river shell, bivalve mollusk, mussels St. Jacques, crab, shrimp, gray shrimp, Mediterranean shrimp, lobster, oyster, lobster, Norway lobster, midi, sea urchins, octopus, cuttlefish, turtle.
    • poultry - ostrich, quail, rooster, chicken, poultry liver, turkey, pigeon, biblical, chicken, defatted chicken / ham or turkey.
    • eggs - chicken, turkey and quail.
    • vegetable proteins - seitan, burger and soy products, tempeh, tofu
    • dairy - plain or fat-free yogurt sweetened with aspartame, fat-free cheese, cottage cheese, petit - Suisse (cheese specialty), Gervais cheese specialty, skim milk, skim ricotta.

    32 vegetables

    • Artichoke, asparagus, eggplant, beetroot, beets, broccoli, carrots, celery, mushrooms, cabbage of all kinds (Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, guilla, red cabbage), palm kernel, cucumber, zucchini, endive, spinach, fennel, salad create, green beans, turnips, onions, sorrel, leeks, peppers, pumpkin, radishes, lettuce, soybeans, tomatoes.

    The list of allowed foods also includes:

    SHIRATAKI and other konjac products are allowed unlimited from the ATTACK phase!

    Olive oil & # 8211 allowed from cruise phase & # 8211 1 lgt / day.

    Goji berries allowed from Attack as follows: on days of PP & # 8211 1 lg / day, on days of Pl & # 8211 2 lg / day

    These foods can be eaten plain or in any combination throughout the Dukan diet, respecting the two stages: PP (pure protein) and PL (pure vegetable protein).

    Source: Pierre Dukan, Dukan Recipes, 2012, Parallel 45.

    269 ​​Responses to List of the 100 foods allowed in the Dukan diet

    [. ] Allowed vegetables: All green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, spinach, asparagus, leeks, green beans, cabbage, cauliflower, mushrooms, celery, fennel, eggplant, zucchini, pepper. The full list is here! [. ]

    Please, can you clarify for me if the SLY sweetener is good, there are divided opinions, thanks in advance☺

    It's ok. I would use it for a long time.

    What fruits are allowed on the cruise?

    You are not allowed to fruit on the cruise.

    are we allowed wholemeal bread on the cruise? what kind of milk are we allowed

    No wholemeal bread on the cruise! Skim milk with 0.1% fat (Zuzu, Dorma ..) About 250-300 ml per day.

    are we allowed on the cruise and pumpkin and squash?

    I'm amazed at that surimi passed to fish & # 8230 as far as I can remember it contains sugar. What do you think?

    I don't consume surimi and I haven't studied it, so I can't answer you!

    Surimi, as far as I have documented, is a pasta, and, just as cream sausages are made from animal waste mixed in a pasta, so is this surimi but from fish. Contains sugar, E-buckets and & # 8230 in my opinion, it doesn't taste good & # 8230 Weight loss!

    He appears on the list of permits. That it's not exactly ok and what it contains is another story

    What does pork liver do with fat? Would it be grilled?

    Only poultry and beef liver are allowed!

    Isn't wholemeal bread allowed at all? not in any of the stages? I found variants of bread from macinis flour or the one from vel pitar whole wheat

    Only starting with consolidation are allowed 2 slices of wholemeal bread per day.

    I don't see anywhere if soy is allowed, and I mean soy meat, which has more protein than chicken. Could it be used in PP days?

    Only soybeans are allowed from soybeans and not grains. I don't know what soy meat is made of (I don't eat it) so I can't answer you!

    I had read somewhere (I can't remember where) that it needs & # 8230 oil and I don't remember does anyone know anything?

    Olive oil, 1 teaspoon a day.

    paraffin oil (no calories)

    or paraffin oil, has no calories

    Hi, is 2% fat and 0% carbohydrate cream allowed in dukan?

    The permitted limit for some dairy products is 2%. If as you say it should be ok (although it does not appear on any list).

    good, document yourself well about the dukan diet you are given useful information, read a paragraph several times if you did not understand well, I am already 6 days old and I lost 3kg I wish you success, do not give up, the hardest is in the first stage of the attack, the bride is successful

    Hi. I am also interested in this diet, but I do not consume cheese (only cheese) or yogurts. can you help me with some advice? what do you advise me thank you in advance

    Hi. Well, on protein days, you only eat meat and eggs.

    During the cruise stage, cabbage is allowed (PL days). My question is whether we are allowed sauerkraut.

    But, but make sure it's salty and keep the water from it.

    Hi! I would like to know how to lose weight faster during the cruise ... what is the most effective way to lose a large number of kg in a shorter time? should sweets or the amount of sweetener be reduced? Thanks!

    You didn't say how many pounds you had to lose.

    I think the most efficient alternation is 5 by 5 (ie 5 days PP, 5 days PL). I did so and lost about 2.5-3 kg per week. Success!

    Of of of. How good it would have been to be 3 kg per week. I apologize, I was wrong E 3 kg per month

    I alternate 3 by 3 days and I'm fine. I left with 86.6 kg on March 20 and today I was 78.8 (around 70 kg I want to stop).
    I wanted to ask: is there a limit to raw carrots? (thinly sliced ​​and kept in lemon juice is good for those who can't stand without nibbling on something)

    Hi. Carrots are not recommended in large quantities because they contain sugars (as well as beets).

    Hello, I am on the third day of the attack and the scale looks less by 1.5 kg. I am a diet veteran and I know about myself that if I don't like food as a taste I can't keep any diet to the end. Consequently, as lactatae I ate urda and Olympus yogurt with 2% fat (I can't drink milk, it makes me bloated) because they taste better. I admit that I have a physical aversion to low-fat cottage cheese and low-fat sour yogurts (even with the sweetener used in excess I do not agree that it is carcinogenic). Otherwise, I strictly followed all aspects of the diet. I would have liked to know how serious it is that I do not consume completely skimmed milk and if I should extend the attack period because of this (I want to lose 7kg). Also, what is the most suitable alternative for the cruise phase for me?

    You will see if it is serious or not depending on how much and how you lose weight. If it goes slowly, you better give them up for a while. The attack period should not be extended and in no case more than 10 days. For 7 kg I would say you can take 3/3 cruise.

    Hi, I lost 6kg in 10 days in the attack phase (92kg = 86kg), today I am entering the cruise phase and I would like to ask you if it is good for me to cook a recipe from your site every day. Thank you

    Good luck with the diet! You lost a lot of weight in the attack! Why not cook well? You can do whatever you want, but pay attention to portions (I mean recipes that contain tolerated foods or those with bran).

    Hello, I'm allowed light orange juice

    Just like Fanta, not with fruit legs!

    Are light juices allowed in all phases of the diet?

    Juices with sweeteners (zero cola, light pepsi, zero slit (but not found in Ro).

    Hi. I lost 20 kg in the first 2 phases. but I have a big hair started to fall out very badly..can you recommend me something? Has anything like this happened to anyone?

    I've heard of others. ask a doctor for a vitamin complex!

    Hi! I've been on a cruise for a week, but I haven't alternated my days at all, meaning I've eaten protein and vegetables every day. Does it have any influence? I lasted 2 days of attack and I lost 1 kg and 1.5 kg on the cruise. Sports do kangoo jumps twice a week for an hour, is that enough?

    Well, the cruise alternates days.

    I also see pork ham written, I have a doubt, the Italian site doesn't say anything about pork in the end, how is it, is it allowed, or not?

    It's debatable. In some versions of books it is, in others it no longer appears. It would be best to avoid it.

    During the cruise phase it is recommended to eat urda

    No, it's fatter than allowed.

    Hello, and good luck, I'm very glad that I came across this recipe, I want to start and I hope it works, I would like to ask you about fish, I know that the mackerel is a bit greasy but I see that we are allowed to we eat it in the attack phase but if it is frozen is it good? I'm waiting for an answer and thank you, I can't wait to see the results

    Are we allowed any more soy milk in the attack phase?

    Soy milk is allowed on the cruise as tolerated and limited to 15 cl per day.

    Hi, we are allowed bitter tablet, no sugar in the cruise, contains sweetener maltitol43% hydrogenated vegetable fat, low fat cocoa powder26% emulsifiers soy lecithin, polyglycerol polycinolate, vanillin

    I would like to know if I can use oatmeal (500g bag with 0.7g sugars and 350kcal) instead of oat bran .. and if I can drink shock tea in the evening after dinner

    HELLO. I also have a question if someone can answer me. I have seen many recipes and what interests me are the desserts from the cruise stage. My question is that those recipes contain fruit. But as far as I know at this stage I'm not allowed fruit, what do you advise me?

    Hi. Where have you seen? Here? If they are here, write that they are for consolidation. If you have seen them elsewhere then you better ask there. Fruits are forbidden until consolidation!

    Hi, on the cruise, what happens if the dose of bran is exceeded, that is, if I eat 2lg of bran in the morning and during the day I eat biscuits made with oats? thanks

    Once he has nothing. If it happens several times it can lead to stagnation.

    Hello, we are allowed to pickle cucumbers in vinegar during the attack period, how much? I am waiting for an answer, thank you very much.

    1-2 slices as a condiment. That's it!

    Hi! I am on the 5th day of the attack phase and I lost 3 kg. I have several questions:
    1. Tonight I went to a restaurant and asked for grilled chicken breast and white cabbage salad & only the salad was seasoned with a little oil. how serious is it
    2. I can't eat the amount of oat bran. What happens if I do not consume the daily amount of bran?
    3. If I ate white cabbage on the 5th day of the attack, can I have another day of attack? Or is it better to start PL? What do you advise me?

    1. It was good that the salad didn't have oil, but now that's it.
    2. It would be advisable to eat them, with yogurt or dishes. Nothing happens if you don't consume them, but still try.
    3. if you ate Pl then it means you started the cruise.

    can someone tell me dak I'm allowed to eat low spinach made k skim milk and olive oil on the cruise stage?

    You have the spinach recipe on the site. Check what it contains.

    for example dak I go to a birthday I know k cake I'm not allowed to pretzels, salads, salty I'm allowed?
    or dak I go for a walk seeds I'm allowed and why?

    You are not allowed seeds of any kind!

    And no pretzels or anything.

    Are we allowed hot peppers on PP days?

    Am I not allowed any oil during the cruise stage?

    On the cruise you are allowed (allowed) 1 lgt of olive oil or rapeseed per day.

    are we allowed tuna in tomato sauce in the attack stage?

    It's arguably allowed a little tomato sauce as a spice and in the attack, so it might. But didn't you find it in your own juice?

    Hello! Are we allowed to cruise the yellow beans? Thank you

    Yes, raw green or yellow pod beans work.

    In the attack phase, can beer be drunk? What about chickpeas and chicken hearts?

    No beer at all, not even on the cruise. Chickpeas and chicken hearts yes.

    Hi, after I finish the attack phase, how do I start the next stage with protein or vegetables? Thanks

    sausages from chicken breast are we allowed to pp?

    Only if they are made of lean meat and do not have bacon.

    Unfortunately they contain mice & # 8230and if you look at the calories & # 8230not too much :) I'm sorry & # 8230

    March 18-83 kg. June 13-69 kg. I am very proud of myself, as well as my family. My older clothes embrace me again, I had to change some of them, it's great to feel so good again. I had 10 days off, which I spent it fishing. There it was very difficult to keep a strict diet, although I tried, so I weighed 2 kg. After returning home, I resumed the first stage for 5 days, so I quickly gave the 2 kg accumulated. thanks again for existing. This diet helps me a lot. I feel great. Only good!

    I can't find my comment. how many eggs are we allowed per week?

    Oh God no one can help me with an answer so I would ask you to tell me if I am allowed in the cruise light cow cheese 14% fat and light cheese 18% ?? I mention that I still eat sometimes on PP days, although I seem to be a bit bent ??

    intrebandu-ma ce sa mai gatesc, mi-am adus aminte de mancarica de ardei copti pe care mi-o facea mama in copilarie, asa ca am adaptat reteta la regimul acesta si in loc sa o inbunatatesc cu smantana, o servesc cu iaurt degresat. Este o minunatie.Sotului meu ii place foarte mult, desi el nu tine dieta.La sfarsit de saptamana, o sa incerc un tort de mere cu tarate de ovaz.Sunt in parametrii,asa ca sunt multumita de mine.(Am facut analize si doar sideremia e cam mica, dar compensez cu fier si acid folic). Aceleasi multumiri ca existati, Paula.

    o reteta pentru mamaliga dukan?

    Buna seara as vrea sa stiu dca am voie cocos in consolidare.

    Adica fructul? Aici scrie ca e voie in limita a 40 g pe luna in consolidare

    Hello. In faza de croaziera,am voie porumb fiert? Thanks!!

    buna seara!!maine e a 4-a zi..-2,5kg..vreau sa slabesc 18 kg,cat sa tin faza de atac?va multumesc

    Se poate face testul pe si acolo in functie de coordonatele dvs va spune exact cat trebuie sa tina atacul.

    Hi. m-am apucat din data de 10 aprilie si am pornit de la 97 kg. acum am 76 doar ca nu mai slabesc. deja am renuntat si la carne si mananc doar oua, branza, iaurt. e adevarat ca in perioada pastelui nu am mai tinut-o si poate slabeam mai mult dar ce fac acum,….

    Rabdare cu fazele de platou. Mai putine lactate cand stagnati.

    •25 de feluri de pești – cod, merluciu, dorada, pește-pion, pește-sabie, halibut afumat, morun afumat, pollak, limandă, pește-pescar, pește-lup, macrou, merlan, barbun, calcan, ocheană, sardine, somon, somon fume, limbă-de=mare, surimi, ton, ton în suc propriu, pisică de mare.

    buna ziua,
    nu avem voie salau fiert/fript ?

    Nici pastravul nu e trecut si se poate, deci daca salaul e peste mai slab de ce nu/ (nu ma pricep la pesti)

    fetelor, sunt bucuroasa !! marti 23.07 = 78,5 kg, azi 26.07= 77,2 kg. In trei zile si ceva am scapat de 1,3kg. Nu este rasunator, dar motivatia exista. Deci, se poateee va pup si nu renuntati!

    Se poate asa ca mult succes!

    buna,inziua de PL se mananca combinat? adica la aceiasi masa pot manca si carne si legume? multumesc anticipat ptr raspuns

    Bineinteles, uitati-va la retetele de pe site – ciorbe, ardei umpluti, sarmale…

    Buna ziua, va rog sa-mi spuneti daca am voie sa consum miere de albine ca indulcitor si/sau in combinatie cu iaurt dietetic. Thank you in advance!

    Buna seara, am 54 ani, 25.06.2013-123,7 azi 30.07.-115 si merge bine. Sunt la croaziera si as vrea sa stiu daca am voie carne de iepure? Am vazut azi la lidl.Multumesc.

    Buna fetelor, haideti sa va spun cum am facut eu: saptamana trecuta 22-28.07.2013 (de luni pana duminica)treptat, am renuntat la paine ,zahar, prajeli, tocanitze…am mancat mai “usor” si mai putin ca de obicei insa din toate alimentele permise si nepermise. Surpriza!am scapat de 1,5 kg (am scris si mai sus in 26 iulie). Insa, de luni 29.07 am intrat la faza de atac pe care o tin cu strictete si pe care o voi tine 5 zile (vreau sa slabesc 10 kg). Sunt foarte curioasa de cate kg scap, iar asta va voi spune si voua vineri dimineatza. Am plecat de la 78,5 kg la inaltimea de 167 cm… va pup si va doresc succes maxim in ce v-ati propus.
    De sambata intru la croaziera

    Mult succes la slabit si te asteptam pe parcurs.

    Buna dragele mele, am revenit.
    de luni pana azi, vineri 02.08.2013, am scapat de 1,6 kg. Oare nu trebuia sa scap de mai multe …? hmm..Am tinut perioada de atac (azi este ultima zi) cu o maxima strictete, nu am trisat absolut deloc. Probabil ca organismul meu este mai “lenes”… Oricum sper sa scap de acele kilograme in plus sa pot purta rochitzele de acum 1 an- 2 ani..
    de maine incep faza de croaziera si nu prea stiu ce sa mananc, o sa mai studiez comentariile postate. Va pup pe toate si succes mult in continuare! muuaahh..

    Hi. E ok, depinde si de cate kg ai de dat jos. Succes!

    sa stiti ca am contnuat atacul, il tin 10 zile, nu 5 cum imi propusesem.. Revin sapt aceasta sa va spun kg pierdute (doamne ajuta!). Spor fetelor!!

    Astept sa ne spui rezultatul.

    Dragele mele, maine termin atacul de 10 zile dupa care intru la 1/PP + 1PL, nu mai suport carnea, mi se aseaza ca un “ghem’ in stomac iar iaurtul il beau de nevoie …daca ma intelegeti. Joi va fi prima zi de croaziera in care voi manca PL, abia astept o felie doua de rosie, vinete fripte pe gratar…yamii. Am ambitia sa nu urc pe cantar decat odata pe saptamana,si asta se intampla vinerea. Deci, vineri dimineata va spun rezultatul celor 10 zile de stiu de ce darsimt ca va fi un rezultat care ma va motiva sa merg mai departe fara niciun fel de dubii:).pupici

    Start: 78,5 kg
    Inaltime: 167 cm

    Cred ca e totusi prea mult 10 zile….asa ti-a iesit la test?

    aaa, vreau sa scap neaparat de 10-15 kg…:)

    Nu am reusit sa fac testul acela, primesc mesaje de eroare …si m-am lasat pagubasa. pupici

    Dupa cum v-am promis, am revenit azi vineri 09.08.2013. O usoara dezamagire s-a instalat in mintea mea. De sapt trecuta vineri 02.08 pana azi 09.08 (7 zile) am dat jos doar 0.7 kg….Nu am trisat deloc. perioada de atac fiind de 10 zile, de ieri inceputul fazei de croaziera…spuneti-mi va rog daca e normal caci nu stiu ce sa mai cred. Cele bune tuturor .

    E normal. Se intampla sa slabesti mai incet. Ai rabdare si incredere. Mult succes.

    39 ani
    173 cm
    start 29.07.2013=78,5 kg

    dragele mele, am slabit 6 kg in aprox 1 luna si m-am hotarat sa dau jos
    nu 10 ci 15 kg. Vreau sa va spun ca ma simt ok,hainele stau mai lejer pe mine, sunt incantata de nu mai pot…. Recunosc ca am mai trisat in weekend-uri cate putin… insa tot scap de cate 1 kg pe sapt. Problema este ca nu prea mai stiu ce sa mananc, as dori sa daca aveti cateva retete mai simple (nu prea am timp sa gatesc), m-am saturat de legume fripte, as manca ceva cu sos…
    va pupicesc si spor maxim

    Mult succes cu celelalte kg. Cauta pe aici si sigur gasesti si retete mai usoare.

    Buna In perioda de Atac ai voie sa mananci la orice ora?? Mi se mai intampla noaptea sa-mi fie foame si am mai mancat un iaurt

    Se poate manca pana la orele recomandate in mod normal. Dar daca ti se intampla sa mai consumi si la ore tarzii mancaruri permise nu e nici o tragedie.

    Specific iaurt 0,1% grasimi…

    yuhuuu! intr-o saptamana am dat jos 2 kg. Doamne, nu imi vine sa creed!
    de la 78,5 kg in 23.07 pana azi 30.08.2013 am scapat de 7,5 kg si…nu mi-e foame, nu ramnesc la alte alimente (sunt f pofticioasa de fel..)Este ceva ce nu imi pot explica. Cred ca totul este sa ai vointa! Yes!
    VO-IN-TA. mult succes tuturor, pupici !

    Bravo si succes mai departe! : *

    Buna.Am inceput dieta avand 108 kg. am tinut 10 zile de atacsi am slabit o saptamana am inceput croaziera, ieri cand m-am cantarit aveam 2kg in plus.Stiu ca retin apa datorita legumelor.sincer ma ingrijorez trisez deloc pt ca nu imi bat joc de mine.oare nu fac ceva bine?ce ar tb sa mai fac?de renuntat nu renunt.gatesc multe retete date de d-voastra.vreau sa va multumesc pt sustinere si pt ca -mi faceti dieta mult mai usoara.multumesc

    Sa ai rabdare, asta sa faci. Rabdarea e cheia. Si vointa. Ai slabit f f bine in atac. Cum tii croaziera?

    1zi proteine 1 zi proteine+legume.crede ti ca ar tb sa tin altfel?accept orice sugestie.multumesc pt incurajare

    Poate incerci 5/5 sau macar 3/3.

    ok.o sa incerc 5/ ce perioada?sau tin 5/5 pana ajung la kg dorite?

    Cat timp slabesti tine 5/5.

    buna ziua, incepand de azi am decis sa incep si eu aceasta vazut ce rezultate se pot obtine la o cunostinta care a scazut de la 135 de kg la 105 in cateva luni. eu pornesc de la 70 si sper sa ajung sub 60.
    urmaresc de ceva timp postarile tuturor si ma bucur sa vad ca sunt rezultate, sper ca sa le vad si a cantarul meu.
    multumim admin pt ca esti alaturi de noi si raspunzi atat de prompt la toate intrebarile.
    o zi placuta si spor la slabit

    Te pup si spor la slabit si tie!

    De vreo 2 saptamani stagnez, mancand 1/1 PP cu PL si netrisand (poate doar cu lipsa miscarii). Ar fi bine oare sa incerc 3/3 sau 5/5?

    Da, treci pe o alta alternanta.

    Fetelor, ma bucur dar sunt si un pic panicata. In ultima saptamana am slabit 2,3 kg. Sper sa fie ok…

    Cate kg ai de dat jos in total?

    OK. Mergi mai departe sa scapi si de cele 5 care au ramas.

    adica intr-o luna si 2 sapt am slabit 10 kg…

    Am sa revin pe parcursul urmatoarelor sapatamni.multumesc mult pentru incurajari. pupici multi tuturor

    ups! intr-o singura zi 900 gr. recunosc ca fost o zi foarte grea pt mine si nu am mancat decat seara un iaurt siam baut multa multa apa…
    ieri mi-am facut ficatel de pui fript, am maincat foarte putin din el si seara la fel un iaurt. Imi scade pofta de mancare, cred ca va trbui sa iau un supliment de vitamine de la farmacie. Voi ce spuneti? pup

    Trebuiue sa ai 3 mese pe zi, nu uita! Vitaminele sunt binevenite, recomandate.

    ok, trebuie sa ma fortez sa mananc

    de sambata pana azi am pus 400 gr…oscilez cu +/-…hmmm

    Sunt fluctuatii normale (poate ai baut mai mult lichid sau esti inainte de ciclu).

    este adevarat, si una si alta !! m-am linistit , pup

    buna……e permis dovleacul in perioada de croaziera. e sezonul lui si am vazut k e foarte benefic si ma tot intreb dak e bun sau nu pt noi cei care tinem Dukan……Multumesc..

    da e permis. Dupa cum vezi am si eu mai multe retete cu dovleac si te invit sa le incerci.

    de trei saptamani nu reusesc sa mai dau jos nimic, am in mom de fata 67 kg (de la 78,5 kg..).Ce se intampla oare?

    E o perioada de stagnare, cum mai apar in dieta. Cum tii croaziera?

    gata, 66 kg dupa 3 sapt de stagnare,puuff! hai inca -6 kg si ma declar multumita pe deplin! kisses

    Bravo si tie si felicitari!

    Buna!limba de porc fiarta avem voie in croaziera?

    M-ai incurcat total. De vitel si miel scrie in carte ca sunt ok, de porc nu. Deci nu stiu ce sa iti raspund.

    buna..sunt la a doua zi de croaziera am slabit 4 kilograme. ).in aceasta faza am voie sa folosesc lapte praf semidegresat?.nu gasesc degresat.multumesc

    Lapte praf degresat ai voie, nu stiu ce inseamna semi-degresat. Cata grasime?

    salut in prima sapt de la 104 la 100 apoi 100-98 98-97 97-95 apoi nimic se pare ca am gresit . am mincat pufuleti . nu am stiut ca nu e voie .am mult de dat jos dar nu ma las . va pup si mai vorbim.

    Hi. Nu te lasa. Ai intrat intr-o perioada de stagnare. Continua insa deoarece vei trece peste. Si nu mai trisa. Cum adica nu ai stiut ca nu ai voie pufuleti? Infromeaza-te bine. Asa poti sa mananci si sorici si sa spui ca nu ai stiut. Te cert pentru ca trebuie sa fii mai atenta cu tine.

    hellooo din nou!am ajuns la 65kg (de la 78,5kg). Se pare organismul meu se incapataneaza sa mai “lupte” de vreo 2-3 sapt. Oricum sunt multumita si asa insa nu ma las…continui. Pupicei maxim

    Bravo Luminita! Probabil e o stagnare. Continua sa respecti croaziera daca mai vrei sa slabesti, daca nu poti sa treci la consolidare.

    Felicitari, Luminita! Toata admiratia pentru vointa si devotament!
    Per total, in cat timp ai slabit 13.5 kg? Si cum ai tinut dieta (adica alternanta PP – PL)?

    Aly, multumesc si scuze pentru raspunsul intarziat.
    am inceput dieta in 23 Iulie 2013 deci,cam in 5 luni am scapat de cele 13,5 kg. PP-PL 1zi/1zi . Pup si mult spor sa ai. )

    buna luminita ,
    ti am urmarit evolutia citindu ti “confesiunile” si iti multumesc ca ai impartasit cu noi…
    mise pare ca ai slabit destul de greu, cel putin in ultimele saptamani, si asta imi da degandit pentru ca si eu tocmai ce m am apucat de dieta, si nu am ajuns la faza de croaziera, insa eram in dubii cum sa tin 1/1 sau 3/3… din punctul meu de vedere 1/1 este cel mai usor de tinut insa cred nu este cea mai buna solutie
    si eu ca si tine am de dat tot vreo 15 kg jos, si datorita multiplelor cure de slabire (si ingrasare) am observat ca slabesc destul de greu , asa ca ma astept …
    Bravo! si succes in continuare

    In categoria pesti nu am vazut pastravul, nu pare gras, e ok pt atac??

    Este ok, nu apare dar se poate consuma.

    Nu am postat unde trebuia, imi cer scuze!

    Buna tuturor! e permis si laptele batut de 0,1%? sunt in a 2-a zi – croaziera. Thanks!

    Tot ce are pana in 2% grasime e permis.

    Sunt in faza de croaziera.Mi-e foarte greu sa tin 1P|1PL pt. ca as dori sa tin post miercurea si vinerea.Am incercat sa alternez o zi P o zi doar vegetale.Nu stiu daca e OK.In plus saptamana are 7 zile si nu prea imi iese socoteala.Astept raspuns.Pusi

    Hi. Nu este ok. La PL trebuie sa ai circa 60-70% proteine si restul legume. O sa iti fie cam greu din pacate. Incearca macar sa compensezi la PL cu produse din soia, ca iti trebuie proteine.

    la fel tin si eu 1 si 1 si in weekend V-PL, S-PL, D =PP, si iar L-PL si etc pt ca sa putem posti Miercuri si vineri, adevarul e ca momentan stagnez si chiar am pus 200 gr dec i nu prea fun ctioneaza corect.
    Cum ai facut tu pana la urma?

    castraveti murati avem voie in atac dar varza murata ?

    Si murate tot legume sunt, deci nu sunt permise! dori sa stiu cum sta treaba cu fi minunat dak din cand in cand am putea manca ceva ce seamana cu gasit pe Dieta Dukan_Prepararea glutenului ceva explicatii si as vrea sa stiu daca se poate consuma, cat de des si ce cantitate.multumesc

    Laura, pe coloana din stanga gasesti un articol despre gluten. Poti sa te lamuresti citindu-l.

    Hello.Daca am tinut dukanul acum 10 luni si doresc sa ma reapuc de aceasta dieta trebuie sa incep cu faza de atac sau cu faza de croaziera?

    Dukan recomanda ca intervalul intre 2 perioade de atac sa fie de 1 an. Tu esti cam la limita cu 10 luni. Poti sa incerci o croaziera cu o alternanta 5/5 si incepi normal cu cele 5 zile de PP (tot un fel de atac).

    am totusi o nedumerire despre alge…din moment ce este bun cam tot ce traieste in apa de ce nu sunt pomenite algele?va rog sa ma lamuriti si despre semintele de canepa daca sunt tolerate (proteina pura peste 21%)…multumesc!

    Nu stiu nimic de alge. Iar despre semintele de canepa nu le-am gasit nicaieri.

    buna fetelor…am inceput sa tin si eu dieta de pe 27 inceput la o greutate de 75 de kg…sunt la o tin 2/2..sper ca e bine…de cantarit ma voi cantari saptamana asta cam la sfarsit.. vad ce rezultate am si o sa va impartasesc si voua..imi dooresc sa rezist si o sa o duc pana la capat..
    Multumesc si de ajuta enorm ..
    mult succes

    Puuuff !!de cca 1 luna am inceput sa fac prostii si am pus 1-2 kg la loc! M-am infruptat exact din ce nu este voie: slaninutza cu ceapa, salata boeuf, bombonele…Fetelor sa nu faceti ca mine !! ma reapuc de slabit! si acum m-am ambitionat si mai mult, vreau sa ajung la 60 kg. va reamintesc ca am plecat de la 78,5 kg si ajunsesem in decembrie pe la 66 kg…pup

    Pai se poate? Sa te lupti sa dai jos si apoi sa iti bati joc de munca ta. Succes

    Am plecat de la 100.3 kg, pe site Dukan calculatia de atac a fost de 6 zile de atac pt a slabi 20 kg. Eu am tinut 7 zile si acum sunt in croaziera de o saptamana si 2 zile. Am slabit 4 kg si ma intreb daca este ok cat am slabit vazand ca alte persoana au slabit mai mult. (nu m-am abatut de la regim)

    Fiecare organism reactioneaza in felul sau, deci stati linistita. Success.

    Ce maioneza se poate manca si unde gasesc multumesc.

    Facuta acasa. Gasesti o reteta aici pe site.

    Buna, despre leurda stii ceva? se poate consuma? merci

    Merci, am mancat pt prima oara dar mi-a fost asa de rau de la ea.. Nu o sa mai mananc niciodata asa ceva

    Bună! M-am apucat şi eu să ţin dieta dukan şi în ciuda faptului că mi-am calculat pe site-ul lor numărul de zile/fiecare etapă, cea de atac am ţinut-o 7 zile, în loc de 3, cum mi-a fost recomandat. Schimbă cu ceva asta şi zilele de croazieră, consolidare? În ciuda faptului că am măi trişat, mâncând câte o ridiche, câteva frunze de leurdă, am slăbit de la 64,1kg(la 1,63m), la 58, 3kg. Sunt foarte mulţumită! În rest, am consumat ton în suc propriu(conserve), iaurt 0% grăsime, brânză delaco 2% şi biscuiţi de secară. Dacă am trişat cu ce am menţionat măi sus, ar trebui să mă reapuc să o ţin, ca să dea roade în continuare şi să pot să menţin greutatea?

    Hi. De ce nu respecti testul? . In plus ai consumat legume, biscuiti de secara… Nu e bine de loc. Ai slabit insa destul de ok, dar la croaziera nu mai trisa. Si mananca feluri gatite, nu doar uscaciuni.

    buna! sunt la a patra zi din croaziera si am mancat cascaval light si ieri si azi acum am vazut aici ca nu e permis (are 18% grasime)…ce sa fac? (

    Sa mergi mai departe cu dieta, corect si sa renunti pe viitor la cascaval.


    Buna,am inceput aceasta dieta pe data de 06 mai 2014, tin 5 zile atac, vreau sa slabesc 15 kg. Am plecat de la 77 kg, la 1,68 m.
    Pot sa combin piept de curcan cu branza dietetica 0,1. Rulada de curcan afumat cu mustar este permis?
    Cafea se poate consuma cu indulcitor pe baza de mesteacan – Xylitol.

    Da la toate intrebarile si succes.

    Hi! Sos de soia (o lingurita pe zi)pot folosi in faza de atac.

    Buna!am tinut perioada de atac 3 zile sunt in prima de croaziera ..M-am cantarit si nu am slabit!vreau sa dau 5 kg jos.Am 161cm inaltime si 57 kg!Trebuia sa tin perioada de atac mai multe zile?Mersi

    a 5 kg dieta merge incet. Asa ca ai rabdare si urmeaza corect croaziera.

    Nu vad nicaieri daca am voie muraturibin otet fara zahar castraveti gogosari sfecla rosie

    Ai voie (sfecla rosie mai putina).

    Nu stiu de ce nu imi gasesc intrebarea?! Așa ca o sa repet. Soțul meu este in a 5 zi de atac mai nici o schimbare (500g minus ) țin sa mentionez ca tot ce ii gatesc este de la dukan. ( are o conformatie a corpului mai robusta, mosteneste probabil de la părinți… Dar eu nu vreau sa cred k asta ar fi problema) multumesc.

    Cu rabdare merge treaba. cat are de dat jos? Cata miscare face? Ce a mancat mai exact?

    Are de dat jos 15 kg! In fiecare zi 20 minute mers pe jos plus la serviciu toată ziua ( 10-15 ori 3 etaje) urca si coboară scarile… De mâncat a avut piept de pui la gril, hamburger de vita, supa de ciocanele( fata piele si fara legume, adică doar zeama in care am fiert separat legumele) omleta la cuptor somon la gril , oua fierte umplutura cu pateu… Numai ce avea voie in zilele de atac.

    Pateul l-am făcut eu. Tarate mănâncă , apa bea 2 litri… Eu zic ca totul este ca la carte făcut … Sunt puțin confuza dar totuși se tine acum in croaziera . Deci unde ar fi buba . Multumesc

    Nu e buba atunci. organismul reactioneaza mai greut ( nu mi-e clar daca la supa aia din atac ai fiert legume si le-ai scos? Ca daca le-ai fiert in apa si ii dai apa/zeama atunci nu e bine). In rest pare sa mananci ok. Rabdare si incredere ca va slabi. Au dat altii 30-40 kg, deci se poate.

    Buna,in croaziera, cat lapte degresat avem voie pe zi?

    Lactatele (lapte, branza, iaurt..) sa nu depaseasca 1 l/kg.

    BUNA! Cand sunt acceptate afinele?

    buna, va rog mult sa ma ajutati si pe mine sa tin aceasta dietaam facut testul Dukan si am primit indicatiile necesare privind zilele de atac, croaziera, etc., dar m-am impotmolit si nu stiu cum sa merg mai departe in croaziera am avut 91 de kg la 160 cm, am tinut 6 zile de atac si am ajuns in prima zi de croaziera cu 87 kg acum sunt in ziua 4 de croaziera si tin 1 zi pp si 1 zi pp+pl si nu am mai slabilt nimic, nici nu ma astept sa fac miracole asa repede la cate kg trebuie sa dau jos am foarte mult de slabit, iar intrebarea mea este: la cate kg am eu de dat jos (25 kg)in croaziera sa merg cu 1pp si 1 pp+pl s-au sa schimb? va multumesc mult.

    POti trece pe 5/5 si sa vezi cum merge. Daca slabesti continui asa, daca nu esti multumita si e prea greu poti incerca 3/3 sau din nou 1/1. Nu e neaparat o regula.

    Buna ziua tuturor si felicitari pentru postari atat admin. cat si celor ce s-au inscris in lupta cu kilogramele. Am inceput si eu dieta Dukan pe 29 mai, de la 90,2 kg/ 175 cm/47 ani, acum sunt in “croaziera” cu 5,5 kg mai putin. Datorita sustinerii familiei si a experientelor impartasite pe acest site, ma simt motivata. Am sa va urmaresc postarile in continuare
    O zi cu zambet si multa perseverenta va doresc!

    Mult succes cu dieta si sa ne urmaresti mai departe.

    Salutare. Am o intrebare..sunt la croaziera in penultima zi inainte sa incep alte 5 zile de cosmar PP..intrebarea mea este legata de fasolea boabe alba..daca e buna la aceasta cautat mult inainte sa va scriu…zilele trecute a gatit sotia pt casa o ciorba super buna de fasole…dar facand rantas nu am indraznit sa mananc decat sa gust putin. Azi m-am gandit sa-mi gatesc o fasole frecata (cum se zice la noi in ardeal) am bagat doar legume permise si fasolea…si le-am fiert toate acolo apoi le-am pisat bine…nu am folosit ulei de nici un fel dar parca tot imi e teama sa mananc. Va rog sa-mi raspundeti cat mai repede. Mentionez ca in decembrie aveam 96kg…si am inceput dieta in 30 iunie de la 90 kg. Astazi 7 iulie am 85 de kg si 1.68 inaltime…sper sa mai dau jos 15 kg dar ma multumesc si cu 10 avand in vedere ca sunt mai robust din fire. Va rog sa-mi raspundeti legat de fasole boabe eventual sfaturi sa scap de burtica

    Citeste te rog lista alimentelor permise. Ai sa gasesti acolo exact ce legume ai voie (nu fasole boabe albe). Deci fara ciorba, fara fasole frecata….

    Apropo, cred ca de pe acest site mi-am gatit o ciorba de pui cu usturoi…vreau sa zic ca e super buna…nici nu imi vine sa cred ca pot manca fara paine…pentru mine painea era cel mai mare dusman. La un servici de 24 de ore mancam circa o paine de 700 de g. Iar acum nu mai mananc deloc …si ma satur ff bine. Totusi vroiam sa intreb inca ceva…mi-am gatit o tocanita de legume (ardei galben,rosu,un morcov si o ceapa alba) cu ficatei de pui si ciuperci. Toate le-am adaptat la retete dukan si mu-au iesit traznet..dar tot am unele dubii deoarece desi am facut foarte multa miscare am tot 85 kg in a 3-a zi de croaziera…ma gandesc chiar sa renunt…cu gandul sa nu mai mananc totusi paine si ce mancam inainte dar nici sa nu mai am retineri la mese… Mai ales ca zilele trecute in timpul unei vizite la mama mea am cedat in fata unei puopite de pui la cuptor si o lingura sanatoasa de pilaf de orez…cat de grav e acel pilaf si pulpa aceea? Mai am sanse sa revin la dieta normala sau ar trebui sa incep imediat PP-ul?

    Hi. Daca inca din atac ai cedat si ai mancat orez trebuie sa te intrebi daca esti pregatit sa tii dieta. In al doilea rand dupa a treia zi de croaziera nu poti sa ai acelasi nr de kg din cauza ca dupa atac introduci legumele si ele aduc aport de apa organismului. Nu ai spus cate zile ai tinut atacul, cum tii croaziera.

    Atacul l-am tinut 5zile iar PL la fel, alternez 5/5. Acum sunt a doua zi la PP. orezul l-am consumat la croaziera si a fost doar o data cam 100 g. Bun..acum 5 min m-am cantarit…si am pierdut inca 1 kg de la 85 la 84. Eu ma gandeam sa prelungesc perioada PP undeva la 7-10 zile..un fel de pe urma sa tin PL 5 zile, poate pierd mai mult in greutate, ce credeti? Si totusi nu mi-ati raspuns in leg cu fasolea alba..daca se poate consuma la PL

    Nu mai prelungiti nimic. Croaziera e croaziera, chiar daca slabirea merge mai lent. Dieta functioneaza dupa niste reguli, nu cum vrem noi

    Scz acum am vazut raspunsulbpt fasole. Ok fara fasole

    Buna am vazut de multe ori la tv in anglia despre aspartame si se spune ca este cancerigen si nesanatos si se recomanda orice alt indulcitor fara aspartame.multa bafta la slabit

    bulionul e permis in croaziera? ca ingredient la tocanita de dovlecei…

    Bufet suedez – idei de preparate reci festive

    Incep cu canapeurile pe paine integrala. Va recomand sa le incercati pe cele cu crema de avocado si cu oua de prepelita – reteta aici. Sunt deosebit de gustoase si foarte usor de preparat.

    Urmeaza biscuitii sarati cu crema de branza si somon afumat – reteta aici. Se executa in doi timpi si trei miscari si constituie un aperitiv de gala foarte potrivit alaturi de un pahar de sampanie.

    Friptura rece de antricot de vita (roast beef) – reteta aici poate fi servita taiata in felii subtiri, impreuna cu un sos de hrean cu smantana si cu fasii de sfecla rosie. A delight!

    In loc de carne de vita puteti folosi muschiulet de porc – reteta aici si germeni de praz (micro greens).

    Mini sandvișuri cu branza, creme, sunca, cascaval, verdeturi, piept de pui, oua fierte de prepelita etc – see here.

    Cocktail de creveti – aperitiv cu creveti, salata verde si sos cremos si picant – recipe here.

    Puteti sa-l montati si in stilul clasic, in pahare inalte cu picior.

    O selectie de 4 aperitive deosebite cu mezeluri crud uscate – retetele aici.

    Platou asortat cu: pate de ficat de gasca (pe lingurile negre), crackers cu crema de branza si somon (reteta aici), ciuperci umplute cu branza de capra (reteta aici), pasta de avocado cu ou de prepelita (reteta aici), grisine invelite in prosciutto, branzeturi cu fructe.

    Mini sandvisuri (canapeuri) cu sunca afumata si maioneza.

    Piftii limpezi de curcan, cocos sau porc – decorate bogat. Reteta aici.

    Pate de ficat de pui cu jeleu din castravete si patrunjel verde – recipe here.

    Ficatul de gasca indopata (foie gras) poate fi preparat de voi de la zero (din ficat crud) – vezi aici reteta de terina de foie gras.

    Sau il puteti cumpara gata preparat (de ex. din Lidl) si-l puteti servi alaturi de un compot proaspat de visine (visine congelate si incalzite pe foc cu putin zahar) si cu dulceata de coji de portocala confiate (reteta aici).

    Alaturi am copt si o paine neagra cu seminte (reteta aici) sau o paine cu maia si secara.

    Video: smoke salmon (July 2022).


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