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Season with broccoli and mushrooms

Season with broccoli and mushrooms

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A quick recipe with fresh fish and delicious vegetables. I had a Mures hall. The spice that made the difference was cumin. I was curious how he "kissed" the fish. I am satisfied with the result.

What do you eat, Alexandra?

- optional 1 carrot cut into thin slices (Lorena puts half a small celery root instead of carrot, I prefer carrot because it has a finer taste)
- optional 8 cloves of crushed garlic, for the end

- 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (or any other 180 degree oil resistant)
- 1 cup of plain water
- iodized salt
- pepper
- optional dried oregano

- 1/2 bunch of fresh celery, parsley or basil leaves

Serve with raw salad and wholemeal bread.

Lime 1 - in the pan (the tastiest)

1. Cook the onion in oil and water for 2 minutes.

2. Add the mushrooms, carrots (optional), peppers and dried spices. Do not salt until the end, otherwise the mushrooms will become hard.
Fill with 1 cup of water and leave on the fire for 30 minutes, or as long as it is necessary for the mushrooms to be well done.
Along the way, mix from time to time and fill with water if necessary.

3. When the mushrooms are ready, add the pieces of broccoli and garlic (optional) and leave for another 5 minutes on the fire, with the fire slow and the lid on, until the broccoli softens. Broccoli does not need long to be ready, do not leave it too long.

4. Turn off the heat, salt and sprinkle with freshly chopped leaves.

Lime 2 - in the oven

1. Boil mushrooms in salted water.

2. Vegetables, including boiled mushrooms, except for pieces of broccoli and garlic, place in the oven tray.
Salt and season with dry spices.
Add a cup of plain water to keep it from burning.

3. Place in the preheated oven at 160-180 degrees until they are almost ready (10 minutes is enough).
Towards the end, put the pieces of broccoli and the crushed garlic and leave them in the oven for another 5 minutes - they are made faster and burn easily, that's why we add them at the end. Be careful not to leave them too long.

4. When they are ready, salt them, pepper them, sprinkle the chopped fresh leaves and serve. I add a little freshly crushed garlic.

Lime 3 :) - steamed or boiled

1. Boil the mushrooms in unsalted water and steam the broccoli separately or in salted water.

2. Place them on a plate, season, add oil and salt to taste.

Serve decorated with chopped parsley, lamb salad and wholemeal bread.

Preparation time:

30 min

Sources for ingredients in Timisoara:

The full list of ingredients here

Costs :

- 1 kg of fresh mushrooms - 20 lei (2 casseroles)
- 1 captain broccoli - 5 lei
- 1 onion - 1 lion
- 1 carrot - 0.5 bani
- garlic, chopped parsley leaves - 1 lion
- oil, salt, pepper, dried oregano - 1 leu

Total: about 30 lei, 4-6 servings


Source of inspiration: Lorraine

Tofu with mushrooms and broccoli / Mushroom & # 038 broccoli tofu dish

Are you fasting and don't know what to cook? I have a good idea :) This dish of tofu, mushrooms and broccoli is very tasty and full of protein. And the sauce of mushrooms, garlic, ginger and tamari is very fragrant and good :)

Ingredients (2 servings)

  • 1 can of Inedit brine tofu (230g)
  • 250g mushrooms (I used shiitake because they are very healthy :)
  • 2 pieces of broccoli (approx. 400g)
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 lgt ginger powder (or fresh, grated)
  • 4 lg soy sauce (I used Tamari sauce, meaning gluten-free soy sauce)
  • 4 lg olive oil

Steam the broccoli bunches, then rinse them with cold water to keep their beautiful color. Drain the tofu, cut it into cubes and brown them on all sides in a non-stick pan greased with a tablespoon of olive oil. Be careful not to crumble :)

After they have browned, put them aside. Add the rest of the olive oil, Tamari sauce, ginger and chopped garlic cloves to the pan and sauté the mushrooms for about 10 minutes. To serve, place the broccoli on plates, pour the mushroom sauce, and place the browned tofu cubes on top. Great appetite!


Are you fasting and you don & # 8217t now what to eat anymore? I have a good idea :) This mushroom & broccoli tofu dish is very tasty and full of protein. And the mushroom, garlic, ginger and Tamari sauce has such and intense delicious flavor :)

Ingredients (2 servings)

  • 230 salted tofu
  • 250 g mushrooms (I used shiitake because they & # 8217re soo healthy :)
  • 2 pieces of broccoli (about 400g)
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 tsp powdered ginger (or freshly grated ginger)
  • 4 tbsp soy sauce (I used Tamari sauce, which is soy sauce without gluten)
  • 4 tbsp olive oil

Steam the broccoli florets, then rinse them in cold water, to keep their beautiful color. Drain the tofu, chop it and fry it in a non grease pan with 1 tbsp of olive oil. Carefully, not to break the cubes :)

Once they turn nice and brown, put them aside. Pour the rest of the olive oil into the pan, add the Tamari sauce, ginger, chopped cloves of garlic and mushrooms and cook them for about 10 min. For serving, place the broccoli florets on 2 plates, pour the mushroom sauce and place the tofu cubes on top. Enjoy!

Noodles with Broccoli and Mushrooms

step 1. How to prepare noodles Homemade noodles are much tastier than commercial ones. They are cooked in the following way, for every hundred grams of flour an egg is put. Mix the ingredients until an elastic dough is formed. Cover the dough and set aside for half an hour to rest. Spread some flour on the worktop and spread the dough. It is cut very thin. You can also use a noodle machine.

step 2. In a bowl add the broth and put on the stove.

step 3. Peel the mushrooms and add them to the pan with broth. Boil them for about 15 minutes.

step 4. Unwrap the broccoli in the bouquets and place in a bowl of cold water.

step 5. Remove the flour from the noodles and add them to the broth bowl. Then add broccoli with diced tomatoes or strips. Boil for 7-9 minutes, until the noodles are ready. * How to check pasta when they are ready? Cut a paste in half, if it has a white line in the center it is not boiled, if not, then it is prepared enough. * In order not to thicken the juice, the noodles are scalded separately, then added to the juice.

step 6. Don't forget to check for salt!

step 7. Noodles with vegetables are served hot. Have a great appetite!

Carp with broccoli, tomatoes and onions

The recipe is extremely simple. It is the perfect option for a dinner, for which you have very little time to prepare it.

We need:

a carp broccoli a sprig of tomatoes a red onion sea salt pepper dried basil turmeric paprika flakes.

Method of preparation

We wash the fish well already cleaned. We place it on a tray lined with baking paper. Season the carp with sea salt and the other spices, apart from turmeric, which we leave for vegetables. And sprinkle it with extra virgin olive oil.

season them with salt, turmeric and a little oil.

Slightly cut the carp with a large sharp knife.

Bake the fish at 180 degrees C, until it browns nicely, about 30-40 minutes.

Spaghetti with mushrooms, broccoli and truffles

Believe me, this is one of the best pasta combinations you can think of. The secret is that the broccoli should be steamed correctly, neither too weak nor too hard, but exactly as it should be. It's the kind of recipe that anoints your soul and arteries and that you put on without thinking too much. In addition, it can be adapted to be baby-friendly, if your children are not gourmets and love truffles.

I use whole spaghetti and a truffle sauce bought from Italians, like pesto, but believe me it works any kind of truffle you have around: dry, sliced, chopped, sauce, etc. Recently I also discovered how to make perfect broccoli at Instant Pot (1 minute pressure cook on LOW, with immediate release of steam) and since then I am ecstatic.

Ingredients for 3-4 servings

  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 5 cloves sliced ​​garlic
  • 150g sliced ​​mushrooms
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 200 ml sour cream
  • 50 g race parmesan
  • 100 g grated cheese
  • 250 g spaghetti
  • 1 steamed broccoli
  • 1 teaspoon truffle sauce


  1. Melt the butter and olive oil in a large skillet. Add the garlic and cook for a minute on medium to high heat. Not much, be careful not to burn. Add the sliced ​​mushrooms and salt powder and jam over medium heat until they penetrate (water will come out of them, then evaporate, then they are ready).
  2. Meanwhile, boil a large pot with water and salt and boil the spaghetti as al dente as possible.
  3. Add the cream over the mushrooms and rinse the bottle / box with some water and pour it over. Reach the boiling point and add the cheese, stirring gently until a homogeneous sauce is formed.
  4. Drain the pasta water, pour the sauce over the pasta in the pot and leave it on the fire for a few more minutes, so that it boils a little more and decreases.
  5. At the end, add the broccoli bouquets and the truffle sauce, mix and serve.

You say that your eyes will not jump out of their sockets like in the cartoons when you see this creaminess. You almost feel it, don't you? You almost feel like shouting, just like Sophia Loren: "Everything I have I owe to spaghetti"! Just like in Italian.

I know it's hard to "sell" broccoli. Know. I hated it all my life until I realized I wasn't cooking it well. Please give broccoli a try! My baby model loved it and ate it all, asked for a supplement and left some of the pasta on the plate because they were too "al dente" for him. Facepalm.

Of course, my mother took the opportunity to take my eyes off me for not cooking the pasta until it was exhausted and metamorphosed into an inert mass of starch. Romanian style, what can I say. Moral? In vain do you know how to boil broccoli if you do not know how to boil pasta.

What and how do we cook

The ingredients are simple and few and the quantities to choose from, according to taste and preference.
I used:
- 500 grams of broccoli (bouquets on a cap or a package of frozen broccoli)
- 50 grams of gravel (parmesan)
- an egg yolk
- 50 ml of oil
- 2 cloves of garlic
- juice from half a lemon
- 2 tablespoons pine seeds

I proceeded as follows:
I scalded the broccoli bunches for 3 minutes and then took them out on a paper towel.

In a frying pan I heated two tablespoons of oil in which I hardened the scalded bouquets until they caramelized slightly, turning them carefully on all sides (max. 5 minutes) after which I let them cool.

In the meantime, I cleaned the garlic, removing the sprouted core, and then I put it on the fine grater.
I added a pinch of salt and rubbed vigorously until the garlic left its juice then I poured slowly and stirring continuously like mayonnaise three - four tablespoons of oil to obtain a creamy sauce. I separated the yolk of an egg white and added it to the garlic cream. I mixed by adding drop by drop two more tablespoons of oil. The result was a garlic mayonnaise that, at the right time, I will add to the broccoli cream.

I put the previously prepared broccoli bouquets in the mixer bowl, adding the gravel cheese.

Mixing well at medium speed I obtained a creamy mixture, not very fine, keeping a slightly rustic look, as if it was chopped by hand. Now add the mayonnaise with garlic and lemon juice, incorporating it into the mixture until the cream becomes fine.

It can be served immediately with toast or breadcrumbs, with stick or salted biscuits, sprinkled with fried pine nuts on the plate or, for the purpose, decorated with olive slices.
Do not doubt the result.
Go to safety.
You will make an impression at any time.

Potatoes with au gratin broccoli & # 8211 Fasting recipe

These Potatoes with au gratin broccoli are among my favorites, they are so easy to make and they are so tasty that you don't even need anything next to them. The taste of browned potatoes but also their creaminess fascinates me to the fullest.

I have been making them for more than 20 years, being a recipe that I learned in my first job and I can say that I have tried various options, this is my favorite. They can be made as single portions but also on a tray and do not require special ingredients but no very skilled hand in the kitchen to have a good result.

As I said earlier, the ingredients are simple, available to anyone and it is not necessary to fast them with broccoli, they can also be made with smoked ham, smoked bacon or other vegetables such as mushrooms, or just cheese. .

Today I fasted them and served them with a fasting cheddar, the recipe here or click on the photo.

Stay together for the list of ingredients, but also for the simple way of preparation and the result will be truly amazing.

For other fasting recipes, simple, quick to make but also tasty, click here or on the photo

You can also follow me on Instagram, click on the photo.

Or on the Facebook page, click on the photo.


  • 1 kg of potatoes
  • 250 g fresh broccoli
  • 20 ml olive oil / fasting butter, recipe here
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Method of preparation:

We clean the potatoes, cut them in 2 as for puree and wash them.

Boil the potatoes for about an hour in cold salted water. We take the foam as many times as needed.

Boil the broccoli for 30-40 seconds in boiling water. We take them out and put them aside.

Heat a pan with olive oil or vegan butter and add the broccoli, water-soaked potatoes, salt and pepper and mix until crushed.

We can make individual portions using molds or actually pour them into a tray lined with butter / oil and breadcrumbs.

Bake for 12-15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius or until nicely browned. If you make them with shapes, put a baking paper on the tray, and the portions should have a distance of at least 2 cm between them. You can serve it with fasting cheddar made from carrots and cashews, the simple recipe here or as such.

Simple, fast, tasty and good-looking, but I don't hold you back, I wish you good work and good appetite!

Culinary art with Doina

It is a unique, decorative and very tasty food. We took what we found in the fridge to see what came out. I guarantee that it is very good, it is very easy and very fast.

Preparation time:
30 minutes

250-300 g mushroom mushrooms
250-350 g broccoli (2-3 bouquets)
50 g black olives, 1/2 lemon
2-3 tablespoons sour cream
20 g melted cheese
1 link green parsley
optional a few spinach leaves
1 red bell pepper / donut, 4-5 cloves of garlic
2-3 tablespoons olive oil and butter as a nut
salt, pepper, thyme

Method of preparation: Wash the broccoli bunches and boil them in the steamer (or in 500 ml of water with a little salt). Wash and slice the mushrooms and bell peppers. Put the butter in a non-stick pan, heat the pepper first, and after 4-5 minutes add the mushrooms, thinly sliced ​​garlic, a little parsley and season.

After boiling broccoli (about 15 minutes), take the bowl off the steam (or drain the water) and place the melted cheese on top to soften the olives, sprinkle with olive oil and lemon juice to taste. Let the mushrooms harden until the juice decreases, about 7-8 minutes.

Place on a plate broccoli with melted cheese and olives, sour cream on top, hardened mushrooms and decorate with parsley or spinach leaves. Serve in plates a little of each, as desired, if desired, sprinkle with lemon juice, add sour cream to taste.

Alex Dima recipe: Sepia with mushrooms, corn and broccoli

Recipe cooked by Alex Dima at MasterChef - Celebrity Test.

Clean the cuttlefish. Cut into 4-5 cm strips. Roast broccoli and Brussels sprouts in salted water. Remove to a bowl with ice water. The mushrooms are pan-fried in butter. Add soy sauce and grated ginger. In the pan, put a few cloves of unclean garlic, but only crushed. Put a little oil, butter and a few cloves of garlic in a hot pan. Add the cuttlefish - only 3-4 minutes.

After it takes on a little color, add broccoli, cabbage and mushrooms. Add salt and pepper, a little grated ginger and a drop of soy sauce. You can also add a little butter. Leave for 2 minutes together to mix the flavors. In a pan make the sauce: a little butter, a few cloves of crushed garlic, add grated ginger and soy sauce. Leave it on the fire for a few minutes. Strain. When we strain it, the composition is crushed in a strainer. The sauce can be put over the salad or next to it, according to your preferences.

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